May 22, 1990

peace be with you, flower; delight Me and meditate more, pray more, be pliant so that I form you to My Image; fear only when you do not speak My language; can you recognise now the Voice of Your Master?

Yes, my Lord, I can.


Because you are teaching me good things and Your language is Love.

share then all these teachings with the others; all that you learn from Me share it together with your friends; glorify Me;

delight Me and share My Passion on Fridays; enter into My Wounds, sacrifice more of your time for Me; live holy, sacrifice by giving all that you have received from Me;

do not count the hours you spend with Me, I want you generous, I want you to offer Me your will daily; offer Me your pains, offer Me your sufferings, offer Me even the slightest scratch so that I may use what you offer Me to efface your sins and to deliver souls from their purifying fires; do not let these things go by in vain, offer them to Me and I will use them;

come, before you rest, pray the Salve Regina; I am listening; rejoice My Heart and your Mother’s Heart too…

(I prayed it.)

good; come, daughter, go and rest, I bless you and your child; rest in My Heart like I will rest in yours; feel confident in all you receive, Love loves you;