April 12, 1990

(For Paris and Italy.)

peace be with you;

I am the Resurrection; if anyone believes in Me even though he dies, he will live; I am the Holy Spirit of Truth, I am the Reminder of My Word who comes to you and stirs you up from your deep sleep;

it has been said that My Spirit of Grace shall be poured out lavishly on all mankind and that your sons and daughters shall prophesy, all that Scripture says is being fulfilled; I am preparing you from Heaven to acknowledge the Truth; I am encouraging you by displaying portents in Heaven and on earth, I am giving to the poor and the small visions, I am sending you My Mother to instruct you as a Teacher in different nations, I am displaying My Infinite Mercy like a banner above your heads, generation, to educate you and bring you back to divinity; if you would listen to Me today I shall lift your soul and you will reach the place of rest;

generation! you have been worshipping long enough unnamed idols, lifeless idols, inventions that harm you to death; you accorded divine honours to these, corrupting your life; for years I have not heard the sound of your voice, nor of your step, you have not invoked Me nor praised My Marvels; ah generation, why have you rejected Me your Holy One? come and listen to Me again: Love will be coming back to you as Love; this is My Promise, so be prepared to receive Me and I shall give you the gift of My Love and the gift of My Holiness;

beloved ones, you who are gathered here today, learn that it is I, Jesus, who sought you and called you all the way from the desert to enter My delightful Garden: My Assembly;

I am the Sacred Heart, ever so sensitive, who asks you to make peace with Me and reconcile with Me; let those thorns encircling My Sacred Heart bloom into a wreath of flowers; open your heart to Me and welcome Me, offer Me your heart and I shall ravish you to delight My Heart; speak to Me with your heart and I shall not remain unresponsive; realise that I who am your King and Sovereign of all, descend all the way to you in this world drenched with sin to seek you, My friend; how much longer do I have to seek? My Eyes are worn out looking for your welcoming response to My Spirit of Grace, I open My Mouth panting eagerly for your response but the word is not even on your tongue … My Spirit of Grace cries out to you to lead you in the Depths of My Sacred Heart, but today My Spirit of Grace gets no gratitude for Its Mercy …

I bend all the way down to you from My Throne to your door; I come to you weary and as a Beggar in rags, wounded beyond recognition, barefoot and forlorn; hear My laments: it is I, the Christ … I am thirsty … I am thirsty for lack of love … My Lips are parched for thirst of love … My Mouth drier than parchment from repeating My pleas … My Heart is sick with love … I love you to distraction in spite of your awesome pride and wickedness;

I come to you, My little ones, with My Heart in My Hand; I know how poor you are but can I share your meal with you? will you quench My thirst? will you appease My Wounds?

no, you have not sought Me, it is I who sought you and found you naked in this desert you are living in; allow Me to enter your heart and I shall adorn you majestically; if you allow Me to enter your heart, I shall make you see My Wounds given to Me in the house of My best friends; you shall be awed by their depth and struck by the numerous marks savagely inflicted on My Body; the Wounds of My Body are such that they left Me maimed in their battle;

I tell you solemnly, anyone who does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it; seek Me in simplicity of heart and you shall find Me; do not put Me to the test and you will see Me, recognising My Omnipotency; do not stay aloof and cold to Our Calls; do not be deaf to Our Calls, hear Our supplications, open your ears and recognise the Shepherd’s Call; if you are weak I shall lift you and I shall carry you on My Shoulders; I am ready to blot out every sin of yours in My Purity and My Light;

O friend! why do you still waver with hesitation? your navel-string is still attached to Me, I am the Source of your breath; I am the Bountiful all-nourishing Source and it is with My Word that I give you life and preserve you from death; it is not the various crops you eat, My friend, that gives you life, it is I who gives you life; lift, then, your eyes to Me and treasure My Word in your heart and you shall live! come and ask Me to open your eyes and I shall come eagerly and pull away your veil, My friend; come and ask Me to bring you back from your exile, where many of you strayed, and I shall come flying to you; even if you have built a wall across My Path in the time of your wickedness, to divorce Me from you, I shall with one blow of My Breath, pull down that wall; then I shall remind you of My Love, I shall remind you that I am He who loves you most, and that your abode is My Sacred Heart, I shall remind you not to differentiate yourselves in Me; I shall remind you to be united in heart and soul and love one another as I love you;

yes, it is I, the Constant Reminder of My Word who speaks to you to refresh your memories, receive My Holy Spirit…

I bless each one of you and at this very instant I shall leave on your forehead the Sigh of My Love; be one;