April 10, 1990

(For Lens)

peace be with you … I am your Holy One who watches you from above … recollect yourselves and feel My Presence … feel My Presence, feel My Eyes upon you; I tell you truly that no man has greater love than Mine; I am He, He who loves you most, the living God;

today, My beloved ones, your nations are living in darkness, but I descend out of My Infinite Mercy to restore My House and bring you back to Me; I am indeed pouring out My Spirit on all mankind to feed your starving nations with My Word and remind you that I am Holy;

I come to you to encourage you in doing good and discourage your evil tendencies; I am standing at your very doors, soul, knocking; I am the One you are looking for; I am the One who lifts your soul and exalts it;

I tell you most solemnly that Love is on its way of return; My Return is soon with you, so pray for the conversion of souls, pray for them to convert before My Return, pray with fervour that My Cry in this wilderness may reach their ears and break through their deafness; pray to the Father that His Chalice of Justice does not brim over before your conversion;

generation! call out to Me and I shall hear you! O generation, generation … defiled beyond words … impure beyond description, your guilt is killing you; your perversity, generation, and your disloyalty have pierced all Eternity, leaving the pillars of heaven trembling, your iniquities have made destitute your spirit from all wisdom; if you knew how My angels tremble to see what is awaiting you … earth that will be covered by your own blood by your apostasy! earth who will tear yourself to pieces before the very eyes of My angels! if you all understood the tremor that has to come you would not waste, as it is now, your breath in empty words and in godlessness;

I, the Lord, pour out My Spirit to prepare you, to teach you from heaven, and call for your repentance and call you for your conversion, I am a God of Mercy who bends all the way down to you in these days of Grace to save you;

listen to My Cries of distress, beloved ones, I come to wake you up; I do not grow tired of repeating My pleas, ungrateful generation, and I shall continue to repeat My pleas to you, My Lips shall never grow tired calling you but while I am speaking My suffering remains … yet the Light is near you to chase your darkness, generation …

open your eyes, open your eyes and you will see Me in My splendour; I am ready to give your eyes the light to see so that you shall not sleep yourselves to death; your generation’s deeds are corrupt and vile, far from being My Image, far from Love, far from Holiness; I am your Holy One but you recrucify Me every single minute; I am He who today with so much love embraces you with My Arms around you and with My Hand nourishes you gently with My Word to restore you back to divinity, generation ever so weak;

I come to deliver you from evil, I do not come to menace you, I only come to warn you out of My Infinite Mercy; My very core yearns to possess you and make you Mine for all Eternity and invest you in dazzling white robes; My Heart seeks desperately to drag you away from your abominations; I am calling but so many of you today would not answer, I speak through weak instruments but many of you would not listen; instead these people treat My messengers as impostors, these people would rather choose to do what displeases Me most: take their life… 1 thinking they are doing Me a holy duty; their spirit, in the dark and unaware, does not recognise My Holy Spirit of Grace, no more than the Jews recognised Me as the Messiah! they provoke Me, they do not exalt Me, they block My way with thorns and briars, promoting impurity and promiscuity in this godless and senseless generation; feel My Agony, feel My Sorrow … My Eyes grow dim and are wasting away with weeping;

I come all the way to you with great love to offer you the gift of My Love, the gift of My Spirit, the gift of My Divinity, I come to remind you of My Holiness; tell Me, then, let Me hear you, you whom My Sacred Heart loves and throbs for, will I ever see you coming from this desert? return to Me so that I may no longer lie in agony, in wait for the sound of your step;

I shall not reprove you, no, I shall only let you thrust yourself on My Bosom and I shall cradle you with Tears of Joy, My child; I shall wrap you with the flow of My love, leaving your soul in My Peace … I will take care of you, am I not your Shepherd? see, you are living in the beginning of those days promised you; I have said that My Spirit of Grace shall breathe on your dead; I mean to raise you from your graves and lead you back to your domain:

My Sacred Heart;

and I shall fill you with My Spirit, healing you and you will acknowledge Me your God; you, on the other hand, open your eyes and your heart, abandon yourself to Me, offer Me your will, and I shall do the rest;

remember My Holy Presence; be My vessels of Light carrying My Word and diffuse My Messages; I, the Lord, bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; be one;

1 “take their life…” Just three words that mean much more than that. It also means that those who attack the Holy Spirit and suppress It, the Holy Spirit who speaks through the messengers, suppressing the warnings of God. These people are responsible for the souls that shall be lost. The Holy Spirit of Grace today has chosen to wake us up with what our generation needs: multiplication of revelations, messages through apparitions. Fatima’s call was not taken seriously, it was ignored for 13 years. It was a warning. The result was the Second World War and communism.