April 3, 1990

I long for You Jesus, my Saviour,
You who snatched me from the pit,
I know that you treat me tenderly,
and that You make me suffer so as to better educate me,
be my Saviour again!
renew my joy, uproot all evil from me
since You love Holiness and sincerity of heart!

be in peace, My child; suffering is My Gift to you to sanctify you; I shall be the sweet torture of your naked soul, the torment of your mind, 1 the insatiable thirst of your mouth, the throb of your heart; open your eyes, soul, and proceed on the way to sanctity; offer Me your will … open your eyes and look, soul! look at the trace I left behind Me … My Path is marked with My Blood, follow these marks and they will lead you to Me; seek no ally and do not ask: “what is this?” or “what is that?” My Strength shall sustain your falls; come all the way to Me, soul, and I shall offer you My Cup; Vassula, do not refuse My Cup, although My Cup tastes bitter, drink; drink and give Glory to Me and I will pour on you like myrrh My Blessings;

listen, Vassula, My daughter, though you are surrounded by My enemies you yourself will remain unscathed so do not fear but advance, follow the marks of My Blood and do not look to your left nor to your right; I am before you, waiting for you, to sanctify you; come, come alone, I do not wish to find in you rivals;

for the sake of My great Love I have for you, eat less in these days of purification; I am your Redeemer who stands at the end of this road; open your eyes and look at the marks of My Blood I shed for you, let these days be memorable to you; wake up soul, why are you asleep? come and find your strength in Me; come and I shall appease your thirst if you appease My thirst for Love; this, My daughter, is your due since it was I who came to deliver you from the pit and since it was I who came to your rescue, displaying My great Love for you; come now and offer Me your will, show your eagerness to quench my insatiable thirst for love by leaving a few drops of your love on My parched Lips, I will welcome them as the wild flowers of the desert welcome the morning dew;

soul! you were neither blameless nor faithful, yet I have forgiven you in My Purity and My Light, I blotted out every sin of yours; so gratify Me now, lift your eyes to Me and look at the banner I am displaying above you … among many I have chosen you to show to mankind, through you, My banner of Love and Mercy, I am displaying it now above your heads;

generation! like a lover who pursues his well-beloved, I go in all directions seeking by what means I could make you Mine for all Eternity; show Me, generation, that behind your wall I can still find a faithful friend … even if I find none, a hesitant friend … and I will turn your deceitfulness into sincere speech so that the Day of disaster does not strike you; friend! you who still hesitate between evil and good, do not be tepid! have you not yet understood that My Heart is sick with Love? come and feel My Heartbeats, every single Heartbeat is a beautiful song of Love to you, friend; a call of Love’s Jealous Love;

come to Me before the sun sets and before the shadows of the night fall like a veil on you, come to Me, do not leave Me in dismay again until tomorrow; come before the Gale and Fire come to scatter you like chaff; come to Me and I shall watch over your soul in the days of distress; let Me hear you, soul, let Me hear the sound of your step, let Me hear your voice before nightfall…. 2 the fig tree is ripe and soon you shall be eating its first fruits… happy you who are hungry now, you shall be satisfied;

Love loves you, My House is your House; fall into My Arms and I shall fill your aridity with My flow of Love;

come, I, Jesus, love you without measure;

1 That is: to thirst for God and suffer for not being in heaven already with Him.
2 Jesus from pleading suddenly changed tone.