March 29, 1990

flower, I give you My Peace, carry My Cross till the end; never, ever forget My great love for you, a love no human can ever give you;

always remember My gentle mastery; I am delighted to have you near Me in this way; I have favoured you, so rejoice! Vassula, you had not prayed nor had you any love for Me; I did not accuse you for your aridity nor for your hostility towards Me, yet out of Compassion I lifted your soul from the pit; this, My child, should be branded on your mind;

I, the Lord, love you; come, one day you will understand fully; lift now your eyes to Me and say:

“praised be the Lord! Glory be to God!”

I, the Lord, bless you;

(Later on in the evening:)

My Lord, where are You ? I do not see You!

little one, I am in your heart;