April 2, 1990

I want to keep my love for You always,
I know I cannot detect my own failings,
this is why I came to ask you to preserve me
from any wicked tendencies,
free me from grave sin;
allow me, sweet Yahweh, to take my shelter in You.

beloved of My Soul, I will grant you the safety you sigh for, be glad; always choose what pleases Me; never fear, by your side I Am; I desire from you love, obedience, self-effacement, humility, docility, and thus you shall disarm hatred, disobedience, pomposity, vanity and wickedness; rejoice soul! do not look behind you, look at Me, face Me and abandon yourself to Me;

My coming is near, and anyone who fears Me the Lord will understand; My Spirit is upon you, My well-beloved, I who reared you shall always remind you of My Love; feel happy! feel happy! rejoice, rejoice I tell you! allow My Spirit to work in you; I am able, in spite of your extreme weakness, to accomplish everything; the least you are, the more I Am; accept My grace and efface your passivity; peace be with you always;

caress Me with your heart, never neglect Me; I will teach you many more things; I will acquaint you with real Knowledge, from My Mouth you shall learn; Wisdom comes before you and is your Educator; all you do, do it with love; embellish My garden, embellish My Head by replacing the Crown of Thorns by a Crown of Roses;

I the Lord wait ever so impatiently for the day of My Glory;