February 15, 1990


I am; lean on Me entirely; summoning My lambs to feed them My Bread glorifies Me; come, let me give you a few words of Light; I am the Resurrection who brings the dead to Life; go on your way now and remember? go on, say it!

Your Presence, Lord.

yes, My Presence and My Mother’s too, daughter;

February 16, 1990

(Early in the afternoon (…) and I knelt in front of my small altar to pray the rosary, the sorrowful mysteries. As soon as we started the sorrowful mystery of Gethsemane, I had great difficulty pronouncing the words. I found myself unable to utter any word, and it seemed like my spirit went again into a sort of rapture and in this way I entered Jesus’ agonies in Gethsemane. I was in this way until the last ‘Hail Mary’. Then when (…), who went on anyway, started the second mystery, the scourging, I found myself violently thrown on to the rug, prostrated, and my arms slightly above my head. I went through the scourging. My body shook violently every time the ‘whip’ fell on me. For this first time Our Holy Mother was preparing me for every mystery. And thus, I went through the whole Passion till the Crucifixion, going through the agonies and suffering of Jesus. I had no physical pains, all pains were interior.

Later on, like one hour later, I went through the whole Passion once more. Then at around 18.30, I again succumbed once more through the whole Passion, more violently than ever.)

this Gift is now given to you out of My Love; you have not merited My Gift, nevertheless I am your God and I overlook all your weaknesses and your sins I have forgiven;

February 19, 1990

ah Vassula … My Spirit of Love shall invade your whole being; let My Spirit rest on you and you shall experience great wonders;

Love loves you;