January 15, 1990

To live in You is wonderful!

flower, this is a delightful moment for Me; I elevate your soul to Me, reaching contemplation, and these moments delight My Soul; are you aware of the difference? I lift your soul to attain the peak of awareness; you are aware of My Presence in this minute, 1 more than most of the time; abandon yourself to Me and grow in My Spirit; have Me as first;

My God, it’s fantastic to be with You! Lord?

I am; little one, 2 will I ever abandon you?

I mean this is INCREDIBLE to be with You like this! Moses’ God, Abraham’s God, You, Jesus!!

flower, surely you have heard of My Wonders even greater than this one;

(God means this wonder of being in communication with Him in writing.)

Love is near you and it is Love you hear and it is Love who consumes you, love Me and I shall do the rest; have My Peace; I the Lord bless you; the saints are with you;

1 In writing.
2 I sighed.