January 9, 1990

I am the One who loves you most; stay in My favour by loving Me and by doing My Will; set your heart in completing My Work; understand all this, My child, and allow Me to use you;

I love you; devote yourself to Me and I shall raise you, feeding you, impregnating you with My Blood; act with love, speak with love, think with love, in every way be My reflection; all I ask from you is devotion, love and sincerity; treat Me as your Holy Companion, count Me among you, tell Me often how much you adore Me, I am a Jealous God and I want ceaseless prayers, see?

flower, I am the vigilant Keeper of My Garden and although I find it neglected and dry, I promise you that I shall revive it and all by Myself; I shall reveal My Face to you all and many shall acknowledge Me and worship Me with sacrifices and prayers; yes, many will turn to Me and in seeing Me they shall understand My Love and I shall heal them;

Love loves you all; I am the One who performs marvels and listens to everyone of you; small or great, just or unjust, devout or pagan, I listen to everyone; I bless you all;