January 5, 1990


I am; lean on Me; realise how weak you are; allow Me to guide you, without Me you are lost and in the dark; I am the Light, the Light to guide you; be careful for the demon is always, and all the more, determined to make you fall and confuse you; come My bride, be one with Me; I know your weaknesses, I know how by the slightest attack your spirit is left shaken and your soul in anguish; I am Peace and it is in Peace I lead you and it is with Love I guide your steps;

do I not know all these torments, beloved? allow Me to work in you, then all will be accomplished; My Message1 shall be dictated to you very soon, be ready; Jesus is My Name and Jesus is Love; grow in My Spirit, how else are you to witness? I am preparing you in all ways to witness and glorify Me;

I love you, enter into My Divine Heart and absorb from Me, caress Me, your Lord, with integrity and humility, I am your Master and Educator who never abandons you even though you often feel it that way; remember that without Me you are unable to make one little stroke; I am the One who leads you and instructs you, by your side I am, let Me guide you in this way; pray and you shall obtain strength in your faith; I shall help you to observe; come, I, Jesus, love you!2

(Later on:)

be in peace now, My child, leave your worries behind in My Presence; look at Me in silence; be in peace, feel My Peace; I am near you, but you cannot see Me with your physical eyes; I am near you and I have taught you to discern Me, My child, just like I have taught others; even today I am still teaching a few chosen souls to hear Me and discern Me;

rest, come, we, us?

Forever and ever. I bless You, Lord.


I am; My Love for you is everlasting, My Faithfulness to you is everlasting, abandon yourselves to Me daily and I shall do the rest; pray without cease to Me, I am always eager to hear your prayers; never forget Me, I never forget you, so think of Me constantly; if you only knew, My child, how near you I am! treat Me as a King; realise how naked you were and how I covered your nakedness with My Graces; realise how I your King looked upon you, who are nothing and formed you and lifted you; so have patience with those I have not given as much as I have given you; implore My help and I shall give it to you; I am not blaming you, I love you and so I do not want you to fall; I shall always remind you of My Presence to conquer evil; I shall always remind you of My precepts, take them and cherish them; remember it is Love speaking and it is in Love you are working; I want you perfect, I want you indulgent and devout; always remember My Presence, be one in Me;

1 For the prayer group.
2 I knew Jesus wanted to tell me this but I did not want it to be written because some people had criticised that there were too many “I love you”s, but Jesus wrote it anyway with great speed before I have the time to lift my hand from the paper, and added an exclamation mark with Holy Humour…