December 29, 1989


Lord, my God, whom I adore in silence day and night, You who looked down from heaven and from Your Holy and glorious place took pity on Your children who were kept in captivity like doves in a cage, starving and broken, oppressed by the enemy, praised be Your Name that is full of kindness.

“The people that walked in darkness
has seen a great light;
on those who live in a land of deep shadow
a light has shone.
You have made their gladness greater,
You have made their joy increase;
they rejoice in Your presence
as men rejoice at harvest time,
as men are happy when they are dividing the spoils.” 1

salvation comes from Me; I am He-who-saves;

peace be with you; adore Me and love Me in My Holy Eucharist; come and receive Me in My Sacrifice as an unblemished lamb; you must come pure to Me;

if you only realised how I am present in Body and in Blood in which I have won an eternal redemption for all of you, you would approach Me without blemish and with respect; I have out of My Infinite Love offered Myself as the perfect Sacrifice to purify you all from sin; I want you all to fully understand this Sacrifice; yes, I want to encourage you by understanding what I am offering you and thus stir in you a response of love; this Sacrifice can lead you into sanctification and into divinity; My child, It can achieve in you My purpose and bring you to eternal perfection; My beloved, My Sacrifice is for eternity and you whom My Soul loves, have It every single day;

My sanctuary at this Holy moment is filled with angels of each order ready to meet Me their God; prostrate they lie in adoration for Me, consoling My Heart; and you who are ready to receive Me, will you not adore Me? will you not worship Me?

be aware of My Holy Presence; do not sleep in My Presence; do not allow your spirit to flutter elsewhere in My Presence; would you have allowed yourselves to be lethargic were you to be by the feet of My Cross on Golgotha? My beloved ones, how would you feel had you been assisting My Crucifixion on the mount? would you have allowed your spirit to fill with insignificant events of the day? or would you have fallen prostrate at the feet of My Cross and adored Me your God? I have died for you on the Cross; disregarding the sufferings I had to undergo, would you allow yourselves to become inattentive and careless in front of My Sacrifice, then? I am present in My Tabernacle as I was present and nailed on My Holy Cross; come then to Me this time with full awareness of who it is you are receiving, and who it is who unites to you to purify you, giving everlasting Life;

daughter, be patient like I am patient; come, rest in My Sacred Heart and allow Me to rest in yours; Love loves you;

“O Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour,
thou didst promise to abide with us always.
Thou dost call all Christians
to draw near and partake of Thy Body and Blood.
But our sin has divided us and we have no power
to partake of Thy Holy Eucharist together.
We confess this our sin
and we pray thee, forgive us
and help us to serve the ways of reconciliation
according to Thy Will.
Kindle our hearts with the fire of the Holy Spirit,
give us the spirit of wisdom and faith,
of daring and of patience,
of humility and of firmness,
of love and of repentance,
through the prayers of the most blessed Mother of God,
and of all the saints.

(Prayer of Fr Sergius Bulgakov)

1 Is. 9:1-2.