March 3, 1987

it is I, Jesus;

Forgive me for all my sins.

I forgive you; come, I delight in you; do you remember the day I showed you My glory?


do you wish to follow it up? yes?

(I felt insecure.)

Father, can I wait a little?

be it; I will later on ask you again; I would like to show you more of My glory so that you are able to describe to My children how My Kingdom is;

as for My previous message; when I feel you are ready to write it down I shall let you know; Vassula, will you let Me use you today?

In which way, Lord?

by using the essence of the love you have for Me; so love Me fervently, Vassula; I wish to save a very special soul from falling, she is one of My chosen ones; we can still save her, Vassula;

I will leave two pure drops of My Blood on your heart; these two drops will be enough to cover your entire heart and make you feel My sorrow;

What shall I do?

can you work with love, for love?

I will try, Lord.

unite with Me; we will restore her soul today; we will strengthen her;

I will teach you how I work for these are Heavenly works, all Holy works are from Me; Wisdom is instructing you; never forget this, you are My flower which I leave to grow in My Light; I will purify your soil and give you what you lack; I will come back and let you know about My special soul’s heart; I love you; love Me Vassula, for so many depend on this love;

(Later on in the afternoon, I was attacked by evil, blaming me. I knew it was not God since I learned that He will never blame me.)

I bless you daughter; I will never blame you for what I, Yahweh, have given you;

I delight in you; I have chosen you to reveal My Face; meditate, My Vassula; feel, feel this love I have for you; shortly you will be seeing Me; yes, I will come;

Lord, when you take me I do not expect anything since I have done nothing and am incapable of doing anything. Again ending with the word ‘unworthy’. Yet how I wish to be near You!

Vassula, feel My hand; My hand is trying ever so hard to get hold of you and keep you near Me; I am longing to shelter you; I love to take you thrusting you in the depths of My Heart and hide you there all for Myself; you seem to forget My words, have I not bound you to Me, for eternity? have we not been united by Me placing a wreath of love upon it? 1 My beloved, we are working together; I am your God and Leader;

My Lord, I am weak and need you. I need to be strengthened in everything so that I will be able to glorify You.

Vassula, watch My hands; place your hands in a way that your fingertips touch Mine;

(I saw like lightning coming out from His fingertips, like electricity. 2 I placed my hands and touched His fingertips. This was done in discernment and meditation.)

feel My Holiness; My Strength is penetrating through your fingertips; such works are Heavenly works; I bless you; lean on Me; you have now absorbed Me; keep your hands in Mine feeling My warmth;

(Later on:)

Vassula, hear Me, now we have saved her from falling, rejoice! I have used the essence of your love; we are working together, helping and healing souls; never weary, daughter, in healing them;

(I was again attacked by evil. They said, “Will you disappear from here.”)

Vassula, come, approach Me; have My love; do you understand why they hate you? you are snatching from evil My beloved souls, bringing them back to Me;

Lord, what about all the love other people give you, does it help too?

yes! all love is used for restoring and healing souls;

(Continuation of Peace message.)

My Kingdom will spread and keep growing with the love given;

I am telling you truly that all My sufferings will not be in vain; with tremendous Glory I will prevail all evil; I will enkindle every heart thus, outspreading My seeds of Love and Peace, uniting My children; over the entire universe My Light will be shed for thus is My Will;

honour Me, Vassula, by loving Me; kiss My hands;

(I have done it in discernment as well as on a picture.)

glorify Me always; I love you all; come, beloved, nearer to Me, for My love for you is more than you can ever imagine;

(I felt so much happiness from God. God was so happy!)

1 On our union.
2 ‘His brightness is like the day, rays flash from His Hands, that is where his Power lies hidden’ (Hab. 3:4).