March 4, 1987

As I know myself so treacherous I fear I might one day, out of weakness, abandon You. The thought is awful. I can’t see how this might happen but I don’t want it to happen or You leave me either!

Vassula, I, Yahweh, love you; do I ever abandon you? we have bonds together and being bound to each other you will be unable of abandoning Me; see? I have taken care of our union; we will stay united till the end, you needing Me and loving Me fervently and I free reigning over you and loving you without restraint; never without the desire of delivering you to Me;

Did you say that, My God?

I have said it;
are you going to ask Me your question?

I don’t dare!

why? do not fear Me;

(I knew that He knew but I did not want it on paper.)

Please God!

come, let us learn; I am the Almighty and I know what is best for your soul; if one of you asks Me a question or a favour I will answer; My answer will be the best in which the soul can be nourished; it is like I would select from all fruits the ideal fruit which could give best results for her;

have you heard how many times I can forgive?

Yes, Lord, but some books say that although You do not want to answer them (in a supernatural way) You do, but disliking it, and You are angry.

I, Yahweh, tell you this, My way of thinking is not your way of thinking and My ways are not your ways; 1 Vassula, I am a God Most Merciful, a Loving Holy Father to you; I know your needs and weaknesses; My love to you all is a jealous love; come, come nearer to Me; I, Yahweh, take all opportunities to reach you;

My Father, when I am with You I feel so loved from You and my love to You but grows. Yet, I am afraid to fail You since I am full of sin.

Vassula, do I not know all this? you are a pinch of dust where upon if I blow on it you will disappear; I know how frail you are for after all you are but a passing shadow on earth; yet in your nothingness and in your wretchedness My eyes never leave you; I look upon your weaknesses with Compassion and Love; do not fear, for I will strengthen you; your sins I take and give you My forgiveness; Vassula, do no more today; I will call you tomorrow; have My Peace;

1 Meaning that this theory is wrong.