March 2, 1987

glory be to God the Father for delivering you from evil;

Who is it?

it is I, Jesus, why?

(Here I felt embarrassed. I still do not understand, who is the Father, and what is the difference between the Father and Jesus. If He refers to God the Father, then how could Jesus say He is also Father?)

listen Vassula, give your attention to Me; learn that God and I am One; 1 I am the Father and the Son; 2 now, do you understand? I am One, I am All in One, I am All in One,

You are all in one?!

I am;

And the Light?

I am the Light too; hear Me;

(Here I thought it would be difficult to understand and write down as also the question of Holy Spirit was in my mind too.)

let us try; the Holy Spirit comes from Me; do you understand now? all in One, the Holy Trinity is One; 3 you can call Me Father too; 4 Wisdom comes from Me, I am Wisdom too;

it is I, Jesus; every time you doubt come to Me;

But I feel embarrassed to still have now and then doubts after having completed 11 copy books of revelations, anybody would not be like me, by now anybody would have turned into a saint!

every time you feel embarrassed I love you more; Vassula, come you are My beloved and I love resting in you;

do you love Me?

You know I do, Lord, but at times I feel as cold as a stone! How ungrateful I must be!

every time you have this feeling it is I who uses your love to warm up other souls who are in need of warmth; souls who are cold toward Me, do you understand now?

daughter write these words now: 5 “I, Yahweh, will cover you with My Love giving you all My Peace, proclaiming My Word to all nations for behold, within Me abideth Love, Peace, Mercy and Wisdom; I will establish My Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven;”

Vassula this is only part of My message; write the rest later on; come stay near Me;

1 Triune God but one in the essence of unity.
2 ‘Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father… I am in the Father and the Father is in Me’ (Jn. 14:9-10).
3 In substance.
4 Is. 9:5: ‘Eternal Father…’
5 I understood that this is a continuation of the peace message. (Editor’s note: see above, February 19, 1987.)