October 10, 1989

My soul yearns for You today,
I have given You my heart and my soul to form:
my Lord has come to me
in all His Splendour and Majesty
to lift my soul to Him
to show me His Great Love and Mercy,
He has lifted me with Tenderness
to acclaim to all Nations
His Infinite Love and His Mercy.
His Love is Everlasting.

beloved, stay small so that you may easily creep into My Sacred Heart; Love loves you; listen and write:

peace be with you all; I am Peace, I am Love; I come to your nation out of My Boundless Mercy to stretch My Vineyard in your land too so that Its Fields yield enough fruit to feed your dying nation; My Divine Works are spreading all over this earth and all are good since They supply every want in due time; listen to My Voice, devout children, and blossom like the flowers blossom when spring comes, blossom with My Rays of Pure Light shed upon you;

I am filling your nation’s darkness with blessings; I want to heal your poor soul, I want to rest your weary soul; so thrust yourselves into My open Arms; I am your Saviour who calls you to return to Me; you see My children, the spirit of lethargy has veiled many nations leaving many of them in deep sleep and I, from above, watch all this with agony and with pain; today I, the Lord, am in search of your heart since what I need is love, a return of love …

come, come to Me with simplicity of heart, as a child approaching his father with confidence; come to Me too, showing Me your weakness and telling Me your problems, let your Father in Heaven hear you

I am Love, the Sublime Source of Love, who thirsts for a return of Love; do not refuse My plea; refuse the temptations surrounding you, My child; refuse to give Satan a foothold; if you only knew how near you I Am and how eager I am to lift your soul to Me and wean you to real Food!

try and understand Me, try and perceive My Will; do not be here only to satisfy your curiosity, be here to learn; widen the space of your heart only for Me, to allow Me to make My Home in you; do not suffocate My Spirit in you with immorality, rationalism, egoism and other sins; do not suffocate Me, leave My Spirit to breathe in you and lift your eyes to Heaven and pray in silence as I have been praying to My Father;

pray with your heart … and He will hear you;
pray with love … and He will not refuse you;
pray with Faith … and He will not deny your plea;

all that you do, do it with love for Love; and I will not remain silent or unmoved or unresponsive to your plea for I am full of Mercy and full of Tenderness;

I am the Good Shepherd, who seeks among the rubble My lambs and My sheep; I come to seek you with My Heart in My Hand to offer It to you; I come to seek you in your poverty to remind you again that you are not fatherless and that you all belong to Me; I come to remind you that in My Father’s House there is a room for you, My child1 …. a room which belongs to you … My Soul is yearning for you … My Soul is in unspeakable distress when every time a room is left void for eternity … I, the Lord, bring to you Heaven in My Hands2 as a gift for you, to offer It to you, but My enemy wants to prevent you from receiving It;

so many times he is using poor souls to reduce My Voice into silence, rebuking the Graces of My Holy Spirit and thus injuring My Body beyond recognition; hiding behind a Cloud of Darkness, these souls become Masters of Evil and Vanity, refusing to grasp My Ways; these people weigh heavily in My Heart; fearlessly they come to Me void and empty handed; they make fun of the Promise; they are once again placing in My right Hand a reed, jeering at Me, then remove it from My Hand to strike My Head with it, then they go down on their knees to do Me homage so that people outside the Church should speak well of them; those sacrileges are recrucifying Me every single day, they are dragging Me to Calvary repeatedly, they hate Me for no reason, ah My children …

these people have turned My Eyes and the Eyes of My Mother into an eternal waterspring; listen to My Cry from My Cross for innumerable multitudes are constantly falling into the eternal fires; listen to the Spirit that brings life;

your nations have grown coarse at heart and have forsaken the fountain of Knowledge; turn your eyes to Me! lift your heads to Me! come and absorb My Light, allow Me to remove your shroud enwrapping your nation; I am the Guardian of your soul and of your heart who implores you for a return of love; a love without self-interest, die to your own-self and allow your heart to be directed by the Spirit and the Spirit will lead you to the Truth, acknowledging Me; listen to My Voice, the Voice of My Spirit; augment your prayers and live holy, be holy for I am Holy;

if My House lies in ruin today with atheism reigning in so many hearts3 it is because your generation refuses Me a place in their heart; I come to find no love, no faith and no hope; My House lies in ruin; reduced into rubble by Rationalism, Disobedience and Vanity; My glorious pastures of the past are now barren, because of the Great Apostasy which penetrated into My sanctuary;

Obedience is missing; I have given My shepherd’s staff entirely to Peter to guide My lambs until My Return, but in their wickedness and for their own self-interests and not Mine they have broken My shepherd’s staff in two, then in splinters … the Brotherhood was broken, Fidelity shattered, and dead by the Fountains of Love, Peace and Unity, Fountains that once were, lie in heaps My Flock; all I ask from these shepherds who turn their back to Peter is to bend their neck and acknowledge their Error; I want them to reach the place of rest I have for them; I do not want them to fall like stars, one after the other; if only they would listen to what the Spirit says to them today; I shall not remind them of their apostasy nor the Wounds I am receiving from them;

pray for these priests, My love for them is Great but so are the sorrows they are giving Me today; pray that they may bend and wash each other’s feet with humility and love;

I, your Lord Jesus Christ, is heaving My Sighs of Love upon your forehead and with Great Love I bless each one of you to unite and be one as the Holy Trinity is One and the Same; you, too, be one under My Holy Name;

1 Jesus said this very moved.

2 I saw in an interior vision Jesus holding in His Hands a most sparkling and luminous globe, reminding me of the luminosity of St Michael the Archangel.

3 Jesus in saying this was extremely sad.