October 12, 1989

Lord, I thank You for saving me. I love You and I adore You and You only, my God.

ah, let Me hear this often, let your heart speak to Me; come and meditate on Me, meditate on He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, come to contemplative adoration, for this is what pleases Me; I and you, you and I, face to face in total silence; I, revealing My Beauty to you, and you, praising Me;

learn that My Heart languishes after every soul; I have now taken you back to Me, but how many more souls will I have to bring back!

come and rest in My Heart and allow Me to rest in yours, Love loves you;

Lord! how I love You,
how I desire You,
how I thirst for You,
how I need You!

free at last! 1

(Here I squealed with joy!)

1 Jesus said this with great joy!