October 9, 1989

peace be with you; pray for those who still attempt to destroy My Vineyard by night; pray, My Vassula, that My wrath decreases on these souls; I have Wounds that make My Father’s Justice flare up by all the crimes of this generation; when He sees how they treat My Atonement and how bruised, scourged and torn My Body is, His urge to scatter the nations, reducing them into a heap of dust is great; even My angels tremble upon what can come on the whole earth; My Abba is relenting only because of those few souls who immolate and who love Me;

ah Vassula! My pains are great; little soul, I love you to passion; I refine and purify generous souls, souls who are willing to amend and expiate for others; I need victim souls, to become victims of Love, victims of My Passion, victims who die to their own self, victims who are willing to share My Cross; I need generous souls who are willing to be formed by My Own Hand into living crucifixes; how else would I keep My Father’s Hand away and from striking you?

the world has to change, convert and live holy; I will no longer allow My Holy Name to be profaned; My Passion is being repeated in My Mystical Body and I suffer as much as I had suffered in My Passion; I tread, daughter, repeatedly on the same Path to Calvary; every single hour I am recrucified; I who Am Love, do I deserve all this?

Breathe on us to become victims of Love and be able to expiate for others, Lord Jesus.

My Own, you can relieve Me with your love; love Me and repair, fast and sacrifice; all these things withhold My Father’s wrath; Vassula, allow Me to fill you, allow Me to use you; aahh daughter … your tears are consoling Me; My flower, let your tears dissolve in Mine and be one; when My Father will see your tears in Mine, He will be appeased;

I, Jesus, bless you, I bless all the sacred objects you have in your home; 1 repeat this! 2

Oh how I want to console You!

ah Vassula, you are consoling Me by desiring to console Me; I have created you to console Me, I have created you to rest Me, to love Me and to share with Me My sufferings; remember, I am soon with you;

1 I said to Jesus: “Oh how I want to console You!”
2 Jesus like taken by surprise exclaimed: “repeat this!” I felt His Sacred Heart rebound with joy.