October 8, 1989

(Torino (Turin) – Sunday)

(I visited the Basilica of the Holy Shroud. After having prayed and talked to Jesus, we went out and I felt an immense joy in me. I praised the Lord for showing me His Great Love, a love I never knew all those past years. Just then I was covered by a strong incense fragrance. My joy doubled, for His Sign.

We walked to San Domenico Church, where two years ago my cousin saw an apparition of our Holy Mother, above the church’s side door, to call us in, since it was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and we did not know then. We were early for Mass and so while sitting there, I was in adoration to Jesus. I was speaking to Him in French. Realising this, I said to Him in English: “Why am I speaking French to You? I’ll speak to You in English.” Immediately Jesus said to me: “I would rather you speak to me with your heart;” And He showered me with His Incense Fragrance.)