August 23, 1989

Vassula, be still, receive Me in peace; My ways with you are in silence; proclaim My Word left and right and never hesitate; I have given you, out of My Infinite Love, a gift to all humanity; praise Me, love Me, keep My Name Holy, My grace is upon you;

hear Me, once the Vintage is ready, to Me you shall come; I will annihilate you entirely into My Body; I, the Most High, will never abandon you, knowing you are a nothing; so you see how I want you? remain nothing and you will abide in Me; be complacent and obedient to Me your God, who is surrounded by thousands of myriads of angels of each order; feel My Holiness, feel My Divinity, let your eyes be fixed upon Me, upon My Sacred Heart; be My flower; come, lower your eyes when I bless you, will you do this now? accept this Way I have chosen for you, be simple in heart, for this is what pleases Me;

ask Me for Wisdom and I shall multiply Her on you, ask for Discernment and I shall pour Her on you, ask these things in your adoration to Me; come, evaluate all that you have learned from Me; I am your Teacher, your Educator, you are learning from Wisdom’s Lips, see? I am feeding you, My Vassula, and do you know with what? Spirituality; My Fruit; My Fruit of the Tree of Life; see?

My Yahweh is good to me,
His Love is everlasting,
His Faithfulness endures from age to age,
He has pulled me out of the pit and has healed me,
He has settled my feet on a rock and steadied my steps;
how many wonders You have done to us, My Lord!