August 22, 1989

May Your Name be praised. Let everything that breathes praise You, my Lord!

Love loves you; My transcending Love and Mercy is upon you;

lean on Me, I am your Guide; do not doubt, My beloved, I shall always fill you; have I not been sending you a flow of My Peace and My Love like a river? rejoice then, for I, the Lord-Am-With-you;

read My Word;

(I then open at random at Is. 49:6.)

(Later on …)

My Vineyard is being cared by My Own Hand now; for I have heard the cry of distress from the needy and the just, I heard them asking for fruit so I, the Lord of Mercy, am multiplying My Fruit, as I had multiplied the loaves and fishes and fed the crowds; this Fruit shall be the beauty and glory of this earth; I shall build a wall to surround My Vineyard, not to let My enemy trample on It; beloved, I, the Lord of the Vineyard, am among you;

courage, My beloved ones; I know how you have been deprived of light and I know how you were imprisoned in darkness, but I am descending to contrast this darkness with My Blazing Fire of Love; the whole earth will shine with brilliant light and I who am Love shall live among you;