August 7, 1989


I am;

look around and understand; My Word is given to you; recognise My Signs and fear not; blessed one, I remain in you because of your nothingness, I freed you from your chains; let no one1 trap you; remember, I have showered upon you learning and discernment; beloved, let no one deceive you; little one, I give him2 My Peace and My Love; bless him and forgive him as I, the Lord, have forgiven him;

My Vassula, I have said that all I have given you is to cover My interests; eating directly from Me was to embellish your soul; remain in My favour, remain in My Arms; I, the Lord, guarantee to you that I shall never fail you; by your discipline, they will look upon you as harsh, they will contradict you because My Ways are not their ways, 3 but these people will be only striving against the current of a river;

be in Peace; daughter, I bless you;

1 This was said when I asked again the Lord about the same person whom I corrected. I did not know anymore if my discernment was just ‘feelings’, as he had put it, or whether my discernment was real.
2 That particular person.
3 This was due to a decision inspired by God but that was received in horror.