August 9, 1989

(Message for prayer meeting of August 18, 1989 in St Joseph’s, the Catholic chapel of Caux.)


I am; hear Me;

beloved, I am Holy, and I am preparing you to walk into the Way of Sanctity; My little children, remember not to cling on earthly possessions, cling on all that comes from above and is heavenly and holy; I am Holy and since you are My offsprings, I desire you to live in holiness; hold My Name Holy, hallow My Name;

My own, come to Me and find Me in Silence; feel Me … allow yourselves to open entirely to Me and when you do, I then shall begin to rear you in great joy; I shall shower upon you learning and I shall raise your soul to Me, embellishing her; I am the Constant Reminder of My Holy Word, I am Discipline and Wisdom; I am the One and Unique who rears all those who abandon themselves to Me; live in My Light and find your Shelter under My Wings;

eat from Me, do not try and snap off your Navel-String prematurely, allow Me to prepare you fully and feed your soul to maturity and to perfection so that you will be able to live; do not turn away from Me, walk with Me all day and all night long;

I call again and again all those who still err in this wilderness seeking Me; come! you who err still in this wilderness saying: “I have sought My Redeemer but have not found Him;” find Me, My beloved, in purity of heart, by loving Me without self-interest; find Me in holiness, in the abandonment I desire of you; find Me by observing My Commandments; find Me by replacing evil with love, find Me in simplicity of heart; sin no more; cease in doing evil; learn to do good, search for justice; help the oppressed, let this wilderness and this aridity exult; let your tepidness enflame into an ardent flame; relinquish your apathy and replace it by fervour;

do all these things so that you may be able to say: “I have sought my Redeemer and I have found Him; He was near me all the time but in my darkness I failed to see Him; O Glory be to God! Blessed be our Lord! how could I have been so blind?”

I shall then remind you to keep and treasure My Principles so that you may live;

O come to Me, all you shepherds, who have strayed from the Truth, how could you say that you have left no path of lawlessness or ruin unexplored? how could you boast that you crossed deserts without any tracks? what has boasting and arrogance conferred to My flock? yes, where is the flock of your boast now? can you say now that you have governed justly? have you ever asked yourselves in sincerity if you behaved as I, The Shepherd, would have you behave? listen then to Me, and understand and take these words as a warning, you who have exchanged your shepherd’s staff for a sceptre of Falsehood and who have thousands under your rule; was it not I who relieved your shoulders of the burden? was it not I who Atoned for you? could I have still watched you eat on the bread of tears? all I have done was to relieve you and to come to your rescue, and with great tenderness I have named you, My shepherds;

the time is short now, I am giving you Wonders and Signs and filling the skies with Portents, I am giving you warning after warning, I am giving you Great Signs of My Love and My Mercy, but you are not aware of these …

is your heart today ready to receive Me? are your mouths ready to speak and acknowledge My Spirit of Grace that I outpour on you these days? are your eyes willing to see? are your ears ready to recognise My Cries of Love? are your hearts willing to open and acknowledge My Graces of today? are your feet ready to walk and come and prostrate yourselves at the Time of Adoration, just like the first shepherds who came to adore Me in My Nativity, glorifying Me? are you ready to glorify Me with your heart this time and show to My flock your love and your faithfulness towards Me?

you claim you are alive and not dead, then how is it that I hear no sound from you? how is it that I hear no blessings? I am the One who reproves and disciplines all those I love; come and repent, fill My Sacred Heart with joy today and set your eyes on Me your Shepherd so that you may no longer err aimlessly in this desert; I am present to guide your feet into the Way of Peace, Love and Unity;

I implore you then to take the Key to My Kingdom and use It; the Key to My Kingdom is LOVE, Love in all its Glory; Love and Humility will be the other Key for UNITY; take those keys and use Them, use Them, My beloved, and be one, be One Holy People;

I bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love upon your foreheads;

I want to add this to My Message:

anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the dark; forgive, forgive, as I, the Lord, am forgiving; be holy just as I am Holy, meditate My Message, meditate, absorb My Message; Love loves you all;

(Our Holy Mother now is giving us Her Message:)

I bless each one of you;

I want from you to constantly praise the Lord, thanking Him for His Message; it is still a living power among you who believe It and follow It; be confident then in approaching the Throne of Grace, for you have His Mercy and His Love, for He is ever so Compassionate; follow His instructions and live His Messages, do not read Them only placing Them aside, waiting for the following One; put Them into practice, for this will please His Sacred Heart;

listen to His Voice, My children, offer Him your problems and your sufferings and He will bless you; keep His Name Holy;

Love is among you; come, I bless each one of you;