July 17, 1989


My child, hear Me and write;

I am the Great Shepherd of My flock; I had trained shepherds to look after My flock, but many of My companions have taken the gear of incompetence, not bothering for the lost, not bringing back to the fold the strayed;

My best friends are giving Me the greatest sorrows, and the deepest Wounds on My Body are inflicted by the staff I Myself had given them; they are My best friends, yet I am Wounded beyond recognition from their own hand, I am incessantly scourged on My back; My whole Body shivers from pain, My parched Lips tremble, without fear they cry out for Peace, but there is no peace, because they have allowed themselves to be captured and seduced by Rationalism, Disobedience and Vanity; what sorrow they give Me and what Wounds they inflict on Me!

Lord? Why is it so difficult for some?

it is difficult to leave the sceptre of Falsehood once they hold it; it is difficult to give up their human doctrines and regulations; it is difficult to die to their own greed; it is difficult to accept the self-abasement-robes; to these I say: howl, shepherds, shriek, roll on the ground, you lords of the flock, for the days have arrived for your slaughter; like the finest rams you will fall one after the other;

I had offered you the fairest heritage among My friends, I had ranked you with the elect; My House, I trusted you with, but you have not followed My precepts, you have apostatised, you did what I consider evil; I called you, but you would not listen, you disobeyed Me;1

Ah my God, mercy on us, wash these shepherds clean of their guilt, purify them from their sin.

My little bride, allow Me to share My sorrows with you;

I love You Lord, my God,
ever so Tender and Merciful,
I live only for You,
my gaze is only upon You and no one else,
I adore You!

ah how your words of love appease My Justice! every drop of love counts, innumerable souls can be saved by love; allow Me to use you as My tablet; I come to you to show you My Wounds and like a friend tell you of My sorrows; I am showing you the Wounds of My Sacred Heart;

Blessed be our Lord.

My Vassula, I am in the Age of Mercy now, have you not noticed how My Spirit of Grace is poured upon you? it is now that you have to repent, it is now for you to change your lives; pray without ceasing; pray with love; do not persist in rebellion; for the terrible Hour of Justice is soon with you, be ready to face Me then as a Judge;

daughters and sons of Mine, long ago I freed you from your chains that linked you to death and with great Compassion I have taken you back; I redeemed you from the evil one, I showed you My Heart and how it was pierced by your ancestors, I sacrificed Myself in order to set you free;

your era provokes Me incessantly and yet I, out of great pity, I let My Spirit of Grace remind you of My precepts; My Mercy today reaches from one end of the earth to the other, listen to My voice of today, accept My Mercy of today; I solemnly ask you to pray with your heart; fast, repent, love one another; renew yourselves into a completely new batch so that I may show My Glory through your transfiguration;

1 This was said with great bitterness.