July 15, 1989

My Lord, come, lift me and allow me to meet You.
Let Your Light shine on me,
I try not to forget Your statutes,
though the nooses of my persecutors
do not seem looser where I live in this wilderness,
but remembering Your Presence in my heart, I take courage,
I rejoice at Your Presence, Holy of Holies.

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, love Me, amend for those who do not, please My Sacred Heart and learn this little prayer:

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
restore my soul,
hide my heart
into Your Sacred Heart,
so that I may live, amen;

devote this prayer to My Sacred Heart;

daughter, your toiling will not be in vain; ah, My remnant, never cease praying, never cease looking at Me; fix your eyes on Me, have Me always Present in your mind for I Am Holy, Holy, Holy; your persecutors, My child, are My persecutors as well, they are those who come by night into My Vineyard to destroy It; but do not fear, I am like a watchman on guard against those prowlers; I shall allow no man to touch the fruits of My Vineyard;