July 19, 1989

Holy One,
my soul yearns for Your Sacred Heart,
happy are all those who live in Your Sacred Heart
and can adore You all day long;
happy those who receive graces from You;
call back to life again all those who still lie dead,
so that they may rejoice in You,
show them Your Love,
show them Your Sacred Heart
so that they may sing a New Hymn of Love to You.

beloved of My Soul, take My Hand and evaluate all that Wisdom instructed you with; I have instructed you with the language of Love; I have instructed you to discern and to listen to My Voice, I have instructed you how to find Me, your Lord; I have enlivened your soul, I reminded you of My Beauty and that I am the Sublime Source of Love; from all Eternity I longed to be with you, in you and you in Me; perhaps now you are beginning to understand this ardent Love of Mine? and how eager I, your God, am and how I thirst for Love?

flower, I am always with you and will be till the end and forever; make My Sacred Heart your Home, like a dove that has its cote, have My Sacred Heart to be your Home;

My Love for you all is everlasting;