July 9, 1989

(The Lord gave me to read a passage in Scriptures, saying that He will rebuild Jerusalem.)


I am; all that you have read will come true; My Church, I shall rebuild; My Church today lies in ruin and in terrible havoc, but the days are soon coming when every man shall follow My Law; because of the Seeds of Love I am sowing now in their heart, they shall carry My Law deep inside their heart, and they will be called: Witnesses of the Most High; they shall be My People and I shall be their God, and Knowledge they shall learn directly from My Own Lips, I will be their Master and they will be My Pupils;

I shall then establish Order that will never pass away, and they shall all know Me by My Holy Name, even those without any merits, since I am Infinite Mercy, Forgiveness and Pity; yes, the Walls of My Sanctuary will be rebuilt, layer after layer, brick after brick; all will be rebuilt by My Own Hand;

I shall then go in each street corner in search of the dead, and I shall raise them one after the other, so that they may become My new mouthpieces, and I shall send them with My Spirit to minister before you, and when you will ask them: “who gives you this authority?” they will answer that they were given the authority by Authority Herself; and you, My beloved ones, you who suffer in this wilderness, will become like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters never run dry; Love will be living among you, and I shall be surrounded by My Own, praising Me, glorifying Me, all united under My New Holy Name, and rebellion shall cease and will come to its end; pierced by My Word, it shall be dead, never to rise again; I mean to deliver you from the hands of the Evil one, fortifying you in My Light; 1 only for the sake of those who love Me and immolate for Me, I shall reduce My Fire; for your sake, beloved ones, My Hand shall not fall as hard as you were told;

your era’s guilt is still great and her sins innumerable; her iniquity so grave, that your trees hardly bear any fruit; are you surprised to see no grapes on the vines? no fruits on the fruit-trees? and no green leaves anymore? are you surprised that they no longer bloom and do not exhale any perfume? it is because My enemies have poisoned My springs that water My garden, to dry up the little fruit that was left on them; I have seen them extirpate flower after flower, treacherous and vicious as vipers, they come by night into My Sanctuary, unfolding without fear their despicable inclinations, such abetting of evil men, that no one renounces his evil-doing;

But Lord, they must know that You are watching them!

they are rebels, rebelling against My Law, it is those that Scriptures say of them: “they dress My people’s wounds without concern; peace, peace they say, but there is no peace, they are without shame and without love, they are heartless”; but I shall overthrow these rebels with one blow of My Breath, I shall overthrow all of those Cains that have enthroned themselves into high seats of Falsehood; of what use are their thrones to Me? I have been warning them and the more I warned them the more they refused to hear, lest they should turn to me and be converted;

these Cains have persisted in apostasy for several decades, never leaving their grip from their evil-doings; they cling to illusions and to falsehood; they trample on My devout ones and on those who keep faithful to My Peter; yes, they ridicule all those who still believe in him; these Cains harm My Church to the extent that they made My Eyes turn into a Spring of Tears, weeping all day and all night long ….

My God, what pain You give me …
Your decrees are so wonderful;
why should anyone do this to You?
Your decrees are my eternal heritage,
oh Lord, ever so Loving and Tender,
my eyes stream with tears too,
because others disregard Your Law. 2

this is why; I am sending you3 these very ones you call weak, worthless, contemptible and foolish; I mean to shame all you who call yourselves wise, you shall be caught unaware, for I mean to confound you to the point that you would not know your own name and where you come from;

beloved, rest now; I hope to spend some more time together with you, be awake to all dangers, stay firm in the faith, let everything you do be done in love; I bless you; we, us?

For eternity, my Lord.

come, rest in My Sacred Heart, your Home;

1 I suddenly remembered the Purification by Fire.

3 Our generation, our era.