June 21, 1989


I am; never cease praying; follow My instructions, beloved; remain always available for Me your God, I am always near you to provide your soul what it lacks;

Wisdom? I shall instruct you freely with Wisdom; Perseverance? I shall infuse your soul to be full of zeal; Patience? I will give you Mine; Endurance for atoning for yourself and for others? you will absorb from Me; Love? I will fill your heart from Mine; Peace? My Peace is yours; ah my child! why have you stopped asking Me these Graces that can nourish your soul?

I do not really know …

remember, I am Wisdom and your Educator, so depend on Me; have I not nourished your soul so far and those of others?

I shall continue to pour on you teachings like prophecy; trust Me, seek Me, walk with Me, obey Me, love and adore Me; I am Present at all times, so feel secure; I am the Authority and Discipline that descend upon you; ah, My child, I love you everlastingly, do not trouble your soul seeking to understand My Ways, for in doing this you only allow yourself to be drawn into winding ways that never end; know that My Ways are not your ways and the difference of this is, I tell you, immense! accept what I give you in Peace, allow Me to keep My Finger on you; I and you, united in Love,

come, we, us?