June 19, 1989

(Message given for the prayer meeting at Fribourg at the Soeur du Bon Pasteur.)


I am; peace be with you, dearest souls; feel Me, feel My Presence; I am among you all; come and remove this veil that lies heavily on your eyes and see Me in My Glory;

I know how weak you are and that at the slightest tempest risen by My enemy you shake and fall, but do not despair in these Rebellious Times, for I, the Lord, who am your Refuge and your Consoler, am ever so near you; I am a Refuge for the needy and the desperate, a Shelter from the storms raised by My enemy, an Everlasting Spring for those who are thirsty, a Shade to protect you from the scorching heat of this desert you are now living in; My Sacred Heart is wide open to welcome you and rest you;

I am Love who seeks every heart to console and love; I am Love who loves you eternally; see? I descend from My Celestial Throne, stooping over you to lift you to Me and nourish your soul directly from My Heavenly Stores; I come to you, My starved lambs; I come to assemble you all in the warmth of My Arms; for your sake I shall multiply My Graces upon you all and your dead I shall raise with My Burning Flame of Love;

I come with My Sacred Heart in My Hand, offering It to you; will you receive It?

My beloved ones, the Day is near when every vision will come true, every vision will soon be fulfilled and in your own lifetime too, so open your hearts and try to understand why My Spirit of Grace is poured on this generation so generously; the Day is drawing near when all generations shall be one, under one Shepherd around one Holy Tabernacle and I, the Lord, shall be Unique for them; so pray, My beloved ones, pray for this Unity which I, the Lord, am in full preparation on it;

now you are scattered and your pastures barren, the wailing of My shepherd1 is heard in all Heaven, for the Cains have broken his staff in several pieces, Union, in splinters, to break the brotherhood between them,2 but the Day of the Glory of My Body is near and what joy that will be; it will be a day of wonder; and the Wounds that I received in the house of My best friends shall heal;

My Sacred Heart today desires love in purity; all I need is a return of love, have I not out of love offered Myself as a fragrant offering and a sacrifice? is it too much to ask of you your abandonment to Me? is it too much to ask of you for some recognition and a return of love? Love desires love, Love is thirsty for love, Love is begging you for a return of love;

revolt not against My Law, which is a Law of Love; O beloved ones, how I love you! why have so many of you stopped adoring Me? I am reminding you that I am present at this Holy Hour; encircled by My seraphs and cherubs, I stand in silence before you; I, the Holy of Holies, have given you your name: Beloved;

although you have sinned against Me, I have forgiven you; you are My seed! will I at the appointed Hour of Adoration see you, My beloved? will you rise and come to Me, I, who will be waiting at My Tabernacle? come to Me … come to Me … do not deny what the Spirit is offering you these days; keep yourselves within My Love and accept My Mercy; remember how everything will vanish and remain no more, and that all will wear out one day, but your soul remains forever;

I, the Lord, bless each one of you, giving you My Peace so that you may give it to others;

1 Our Holy Father John Paul II.

2 Here I felt God sorrowful to the point of death.