June 29, 1989

Blessed be our Lord, the Almighty,
who alone performs marvels.
My God, You taught me Your Word
and I am still proclaiming your marvels.
Full of Compassion You forgave my guilt
and You brought me back to my senses.
You have made me understand and perceive Wisdom’s Words:
They who eat Me will hunger for more, they who drink Me will thirst for more; 1
Similar to a woman who has been widowed,
so am I roaming in this desert
looking for Your Eternal Source and Your green pastures
where I may lay my head and rest.

daughter, instead of a barren tree, I have made you flourish and bear fruit; instead of a hostile pagan, a fervent worshiper; instead of apathy, I have given you zeal for Me, your God; come, stay in My favour and be one with Me;

Lord, I was wondering about our meeting of yesterday …

I, the Lord, will give My couriers My news; look, today I am having your hands unchained; feel free … if you like to come with Me and share My Cross of Peace and Love, then come, I will look after you; feel free … you know very well that I am self sufficient, I am the Most High; I love your innocence and I shall not deprive you from my Signs; I shall give to the poor and needy so that they may praise My Name; come to Me in purity of heart, I mean to progress you; come and extol Me and adore Me for I Am Holy;

Love loves you eternally, come;


I am; pray and let Me hear your prayer, the prayer I have given you in dictation;

“O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
My Lord, whom I adore,
I offer You my will;
make me Your instrument
of Your Peace and Love,
make me Your victim
of Your burning desires
of Your Sacred Heart.

stay small and grow only in My Spirit; forsaken you shall never be;