May 1, 1989

Lord, would You like to write Your Message for the reunion of May 19?

are you ready?

I am never ready, but You can make me ready.

ask and it shall be given to you;

I ask You, my Lord, to make me ready to hear Your Voice and write.

open your ear then and listen carefully; write:

peace be with you all; I am the Lord, Emmanuel, the Holy of Holies who manifests Myself through this weak instrument;

I come to you, little ones, a nation so highly favoured; to you I come, exposing My Sacred Heart before your very eyes; My Sacred Heart is Holy, Pure and filled with Love; so awake, as in the past, awake from your lethargy, awake and feel Me;

My Spirit is constantly poured out ever so generously among you, yet, so many of you have still not understood … I, the Lord, have formed prophets ever since I have created you, but My Own repeat what they have always repeated … they are still persecuting all My prophets, hounding them from town to town; Abel’s Holy Blood is being shed without ceasing; these people ask Me for laws that are just, they long for Me to be near them, but when I send them My Holy Spirit of Grace, they close their eyes and refuse to hear, and allow their hearts to turn into granite; they gather together, chasing away My Holy Spirit of Grace as one chases away an evil bird;

My Sacred Heart is in pain … open up! open up!1 do not block My Way! remove those blocks that only hinder My people whom you have starved, from reaching Me; I have come to you, to heal you and console you; I have come to bring you Peace and Love; I have come to fertilise My land and cultivate its soil;

My Name is Holy and holy are My precepts and My laws; yes, I will water this thirsty soil with My Love and I, the Lord, will keep pouring out My Spirit upon My children, blessing them;

have you not noticed? have you not noticed that I am preparing you to receive a New Heaven and a New Earth that I had promised you long ago? have you not yet understood? have you not seen how I work? I beckon all of you from one corner of this earth to the other to listen to My Voice;

ah, beloved ones, I have come to heal your sores, your wounds and your infirmities, all which were so savagely inflicted upon you in this darkness; no, beloved ones, your sores are not past healing, your injuries are curable, for I-Am-With-You and ever so near you; so come to Me with love, ask Me with love and you will receive, invoke Me with love and I shall hear you; I will raise you to My Bosom and cradle you, comforting you; hear My Cry of Love and Peace:

Love loves you; Love is the Root of the Tree of Life, so let it be LOVE that comes out of your heart; when Love manifests Itself where there is evil, Love effaces all wickedness, dissolving it like mist is dissolved with the first warm rays of the sun;

for the sake of My devout ones I will revive all corpses; I will not keep quiet, I will raise you all with My Word; I shall not be silent until I will Glorify My Body and renew My entire Church; learn all you who want to suppress My Spirit of Grace and who want to muffle down My Voice, that your evil efforts and your evil intentions are all in vain; I will keep stretching My Hand to everyone, even to the rebels, even to those who provoke Me night and day, see?

you are all My People, no matter what creed or race; remember I am LOVE and I have created you all;

today My Salvation Plan covers the entire world; I have been, and I am, sending you messengers in every nation, to progress you in your faith, to convert you, to establish peace and love, to unite you; so do not try to muffle down My Voice and My Mother’s Calls; Our Voices will keep coming upon you like a hammer shattering the rocks2 until the Day of My Glory;

rejoice and acclaim My Fruitful Vineyard, for it is by My Own Hand the soil is overturned and toiled, by My Own Hand the thorns and briars pulled out and burnt; with My Own Cape I shelter It from the dry winds and storms that arise from My enemy; I am Its Devout Keeper who fervently and forever watches over It; this Vineyard is My Gift to you, and Its Grapes will be offered freely to you and fill the whole world, feeding it;

ah, My beloved of My Soul, listen closely to My Words and try and understand them; do not doubt, testing Me without ceasing … I, the Lord, am telling you most solemnly: Scriptures are being fulfilled; so why are so many of you surprised at the outpouring of My Spirit? why are you surprised when your young ones see visions?

I come before you to revise your knowledge of My Word; I come with great love to revive the corpses of My sons and daughters; I come to convert you and to remind you of My statutes; I come to call the sinner to confession; I come to call to repentance all those priests, bishops and cardinals who have so wickedly wounded My Sacred Heart and betrayed Me, their Friend and God;

I do not come as a Judge, not yet; I come to you as The Beggar in rags and barefoot with parched lips, imploring and lamenting for some love, for a return of love; today you have in your sight a Lamenting Beggar with His Hand constantly outstretched, begging you for a return of love: “I beg you, come back to Me and love Me, learn to love Me, learn to love Me, make peace with Me, make peace with Me, I will not reject you, I Am Love, and I love you everlastingly;”

come to Me when the Hour has not yet come, do not wait for My Justice to arrive, do not let My Justice take you by surprise and unaware; remember then, that I shall be, in this terrible, awesome Hour, standing before you as a Majestic Severe Judge, and My Voice, which was that of a lamenting beggar, shall turn into a glare of a Devouring Fire, in cloudburst, downpour, hailstones; My Breath will be like a stream of brimstone which will set fire everywhere, to purify you and renovate you all, uniting you into One Holy People;

happy are all those who hope in Me and who welcome My Spirit of Grace that I outpour so generously now on all mankind, for you shall see Me your God;

blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven;

happy are all those who have ears to hear and are simple at heart, welcoming My Spirit of Grace with a child-like-faith, for in these little hearts My Word shall take root;

blessed are those who are persecuted in the cause of right for theirs is the kingdom of heaven; in just a little while, My little doves and I shall be with you, have My Peace;

I bless each one of you; I, Jesus Christ, bless and forgive your persecutors, for they know not what they are doing; I, the Lord, love you all eternally;

(The Lord then indicated where in the Scriptures I should read for them. It’s in Heb. 3:7-19 and Heb. 4:1-16.)

Yahweh, my Abba,
remind me of Your commandments
so that I may follow them and be faithful to You.
I know that Your rulings are righteous, my Abba,
and I know and believe that You make me suffer out of faithfulness,
it was good for me to taste and drink from Your bitter Cup.
Now Lord, please, let Your Love comfort me,
come and treat me tenderly and I shall live,
since Your Law is my life and my delight,
direct my steps towards Your Home as You have promised me,
I desire You, Father in Heaven,
I am waiting for You, Yahweh, my Abba,
I am waiting for You.

Love loves you, My child, and I will allow no one to separate you from Me; you are part of Me now, let us work;


(I saw in a dream-vision in the night Jesus’ portrait (picture). I noticed that Jesus’ Eyes were filling up with tears and before they would drop on the floor I hurried up and opened my hand. With the palm of my hand full of Jesus’ precious tears I started to walk away. I was considering whether to drink His Tears.)

daughter, have My Peace; come, I am with you! are you happy to be with Me?

Oh yes, my Lord Jesus!

and are you still willing to hand over your will to Me and work for Me?

Yes Lord, please name Yourself again to me.

I am the Lord Jesus Christ, your Saviour;

Yes Lord, if this is Your wish.

it is My wish, offer Me then your will and I will use it;

I offer You my will, take my will and do as You please with me.

take My Hand then; I and you, together; I love you, love Me;

(Here I was trying to recollect myself before the Lord, I was trying to feel His Holy Presence and be one with Him.)

little one, every time I feel how you try, My Sacred Heart rejoices profoundly; I Am The Highest and I love you; will you recollect yourself and pray with faith?

I will try my Lord. Help me pray as You want it.

abandon yourself then entirely to Me; please Me and tell Me: “Jesus I love You”; make Me happy with spontaneous words of love that come with sincerity and from the heart; My Sacred Heart is your Refuge, rest in Me; come, augment your love to Me, I want you perfect!

I want to do Your will and please You fully.

I will help you, My Vassula; we, us?


come, rest in My Heart,

Rest in mine, Lord.

I will;

1 Jesus was crying out loudly.
2 Rocks = hearts out of stone.