April 28, 1989


I Am;

I thank You
I thank You and praise You for Your marvels
that You are literally showering us with.
My heart rejoices and exults Your Holy Name,
You are my Shield that protects me,
You are the Righteous Judge.
I offer You my will.

My Vassula, offer Me your will always; be at My service, be willing to be My tablet, allowing Me to use your hand; refuse Me nothing and I shall act in you; allow Me to tighten My grip on you; dearest soul, realise how useless you are without Me; I am Wisdom;

My Message, even after your death, will be read by many; It shall reach each corner of this earth to augment love, faith and hope; trust Me, My child; I am your Teacher, your Saviour, your Peace, your Creator and He-Who-Loves-you-Most;