May 12, 1989


I am; feel Me and contemplate Me; I am Love and Holy;

love Me and be holy; I will teach you, for I am Wisdom; come, My Mother loves you, She will write now the Message;

(Message for the May 19, 1989 meeting at Martigny.)

My child, I, your Holy Mother, bless you; here is My Message:

peace be with you all, I love all of you and bless you; listen and pay attention to Our Calls of today, realise how time is pressing;

Jesus and I call you night and day for your conversion; Our Calls for your conversion are all over the world now and shall multiply; the time is pressing, My children;

today, My Heart is in pain because so many of you do not seem to understand the urgency of Our Calls; I ask you to meditate and examine yourselves, test yourselves to see whether you are converted and in God’s Way; My beloved children, it is not just to believe in God and pray, to be converted is to please God, to be in full contemplation with Him; to be converted is to be holy and live in holiness; to be converted is to make peace with God and love God with all your soul; think of the love Jesus is pouring on you; live in Christ, purify yourselves and open your heart entirely so that Jesus heals you; to be converted is to desire to be with God, to long for Him with all your heart;

many forget that the biggest spiritual gift is love; I remind you again of Jesus’ commandment: love one another as I love you; please Me and live Our Messages; be Our little mouthpieces, scattering Our grains everywhere, let those who have ears hear; realise the urgency of Our Messages;

I am happy to see you here tonight, all assembled together; We bless all your religious objects you have with you; tonight let it be a special night of meditation, a thorough examination of your soul; Jesus and I are present always to help you, so speak to Us with your heart and We will listen;

I bless you all in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen;