April 23, 1989

(After the reunion of prayers and the reading of Messages in the little Church of Saint Maurice, the little Church was full.)

Blessed be my Lord
who has not deprived us to meet in His Name.
The Lord is good even to those without merits.
My Lord, You responded to our prayers,
You responded to the fasting and to the sacrifices
Your beloved children offered You.
I bless Your Name. We bless Your Name.
“My Lord is good,
his love is everlasting,
his faithfulness endures from age to age.” 1
Let us serve the Lord.

I am the Lord who loves you; before the eyes of your persecutors, I shall feed you; be blessed all you who heard and recognised the Shepherd’s call; be blessed all you who offered Me sacrifices;

I rescue all those who cling to Me; My Arms are your cradle, My Sacred Heart, your Refuge; I am your God and you My people; rejoice! rejoice, beloved; seek not to understand why My Voice is carried by this weak instrument, believe with simplicity of heart; avoid testing Me, be favourable in My Eyes like innocent and pure children;

look at My Sacred Heart; I am before you exposing My Heart to you all; feel My ardent Love for you; do not resist Me, do not resist My plea, come to Me and allow Me to thrust you in the depths of My Sacred Heart; let My Heart be your Refuge; how would I not come to your rescue, My beloved ones? I, who am the Sublime Source of Love, would I ever fail you?

your cry of distress resounded in all the Heavens, I heard your plea from earth; no, beloved ones, do not fear; My Eyes see everything, I hear everything, and I tell you truly, that I shall guide each step you take and bless it; I am your Devout Keeper and My Vineyard shall be watered and kept by My Own Hand; I shall watch over It lest intruders penetrate My Vineyard by night; let all those who want to come and see My Vineyard approach by daylight, only foxes will come by night; arise then like sensible men at day-break and visit My Vineyard; I, the Lord, am Its Keeper and it is out of My Infinite Love and out of great pity, I come to restore My Vineyard;

be happy and let the Heavens hear your praises! rejoice and acclaim the Lord’s Glory; be the little mouthpieces who carry My Word; let those who sleep, awake at your sound; proclaim My Love to all nations, let those who wandered away from Me, return; I will not refuse them, though their hearts are arid and their sins scarlet-red; I will show them the Riches of My Forgiving Heart; sing and rejoice for I will remain among you till the end;