April 11, 1989

(Today the real persecution starts. Jesus made me understand that this Greek Orthodox Easter I shall feel His Passion. We are close to our Easter.)

Lord, many accuse me of being a false prophet. They are seeking for evidence against me, however false, on which they might say that the message is not divine. There are already several lying witnesses. I am accused of being the weapon of the demon to destroy another movement of another charismatic.

hold on to Me; peace, My child, refuse Me nothing; We1 are both with you; remember, it is Satan’s smoke and believe Me, smoke never lasts; it evaporates and vanishes;

Vassula, I, your God, love you with a love you will only understand in Heaven;

be blessed My child, for all the calumnies said about you and for all the false statements they accuse you of; be happy, for your reward will be great in Heaven; now do you believe Me? how many times have I said that you are going to be persecuted as I have been persecuted? My Message will entice hearts, but some, in spite of this, will turn against you, not knowing they are condemning Me, since they are condemning My Message; have I not said, that they will scrutinise you to find a fault? as they have done to others whom I have sent? bless your persecutors, pray for your accusers, forgive them all with all your heart, learn My Vassula that I am Love; love Me, I need this love to give it to others; love My brothers as I love you;

But Lord, some are completely blinded!

trust Me little one, with My Light I shall enlighten and shine upon many;

blessed one of My Soul, 2 have you forgotten My Passion? I suffered out of Love, be now one with Me; it is I who allowed everything to come as it is, so that you taste of the same Cup I have drunk in My Passion; 3 I love you, and it is because of this love I have for you, My child, that I have allowed you to drink this time from My Cup; I raise little souls to form them and look like little images of My Passion; happy are you, you who have offered Me your heart and soul to form with My Divine Hands into another little crucifix;

rejoice soul! rejoice and be glad with My Gift! but remember, little one, under this same sky you live in, are also to be found ravenous wolves, hidden under the skins of sheep; they are those false prophets I have been warning you about;

(I asked the Lord to give me an answer about these people, and from the Bible this time. I opened the Bible to have my finger on Jr. 23:10, onwards. This passage speaks of false prophets: one of my accusers is a false prophet.)

beloved, fear not, I am before you; be happy that they talk all sorts of calumnies about you; My Eyes watch these people and I hear their tongues and I feel their heart;

Yes, but You are with me and I have nothing to fear.

courage, I shall give you My Strength to carry on; we, us?

Forever and ever.

(As if all these persecutions were not enough, the big hall we rented to have our meetings was refused to us. Just like that, in spite of the fact that we had it reserved long ago. They said that they did not want religious movements in their place. There I was, stuck with 200 people on my back with no one wanting us. Only a week before our reunion. But the Lord came to our rescue. The Lord made it possible for us to be in His Church. A little church which belongs to the Capuchins. Yes, His Majesty chose the most humble and poor from all the Brothers, as a Sign, for those who are persecuting Jesus’ Message.)

1 Our Holy Mother and Jesus.
2 When I hear these words from God’s Mouth, I simply melt and His Majesty makes me feel this ‘tent’ covering my body more than ever. I feel that this exile I’m in, is endless …
3 Jesus sounded here as if He was offering me a treat! And I’m happy that He has offered me His Cup.