February 27, 1989

peace be with you; (St. Michael.)

praised be the Lord; (St. Mary.)

O hear Me, I am the Lord, come to Me as now, offering these souls to Me; 1 I never deny any prayer; even when it comes tepidly from “poverty” itself, I hear it; I know your weakness but My Strength will sustain you, pray for your faith to grow; I am sending you all those souls, pray to discern My Will, pray without ceasing; ask and it shall be given to you; ask, never cease praying, I am listening; even the sigh that you will give Me, I take into consideration as long as everything comes from the heart; so believe in what you ask and I shall give it to you in hundredfold; you ask to be forgiven? I will forgive you, you ask for help? which father will not give it to his child?

There are sometimes fathers who do not help their children, Lord.

these fathers are not from Me; if they were Mine they would love Me and thus love their offspring and they would help them; I am here to help you in your spiritual growth; I will never deny you My Food;

come, Wisdom will instruct you;

1 I came to the Lord and offered all those souls who had ask me to pray for them. Somehow I felt arid.