February 15, 1987

I love you, but maybe I love you in the wrong way. What is right or wrong I don’t know; I worship You.

Vassula, love is love; I want you to love Me without restraint; I am your Holy Father who loves you intimately; approach Me and love Me intimately; I want to be intimate with you;

do not fear, I want all your love; Vassula I want you today to repent;

Should I repent to You now?

yes, repent, I am listening; 1 yes, daughter, I forgive all your sins for they are many;

Vassula do you know that I am He who taught My teachers to repent? they are My instructions; I have given to My teachers the authority to have My children confess to them;

child, I wrote it; 2 Vassula, refuse Me nothing; I will demand from you many things; are you ready to follow your God and Saviour?

I will, as long as I recognise that it’s coming from You. I will follow you because I love You.

Vassula, never fear Me, trust Me; I am preparing you to face bigger trials; are you ready to follow Me?

With Your help I will be.

have no fear for I am near you, supporting you;

daughter, leave yourself entirely in My hands; let Me use you beloved for healing souls; let Me bind you to Me with love’s chains; let Me feel you are entirely Mine; let Me, who am your Creator, possess you;

I have longed for your love; let My love enkindle your heart now; be Mine entirely; I longed for you, I long for you; do you never long for Me, Vassula?

I do.

(Or do I think I do?)

Vassula, beloved, by giving yourself to Me will both glorify Me and purify you;

I now bind you to Me, I, God the Most High, will be with you till the end;

– I tell you truly, that I have chosen you knowing you are nothing, helpless, wretched and sinful, but in spite of all your faults I love you; yes, I love you all in spite of your iniquities;

Lord, did You bind me now?

yes I have; I love you; it is out of love, I want you always near Me; beloved, hear Me, My bonds are bonds of love, they are bonds of purity; I love you, let My children understand how much I can love them;

My clemency has no limits; My love is a consuming flame enkindling every heart which receives Me;

daughter, leave now and remember that I am leading you; remember who purified you, 3 have you forgotten? have I not anointed you Myself?

Yes, Lord, on the 13th.

Vassula, I have Myself given you My Bread and Wine; remember I chose the time for you to purify you child; 4

love Me, let us work together;

(This reminded me of the first time I took Holy Communion in this Church. Again it was done in a mystical way. I was with Karl the priest, God had sent me to him to get Holy Communion. He was not sure whether he should give it or not because it was asked in this mystical way. Then Karl said that he will talk to God, pray, but not aloud so that I won’t hear what he says and I should let my hand write, from God the answers. God wrote:


I asked Karl what he had asked. He said he had asked whether he should make me give my confession to him. God answered that He will. 5 Karl without hesitation told me to simply come for Holy Communion in four days. In the meantime, God asked me to repent. I did not know how, so he explained to me what to say. I did it with Him. Then the next day I had Holy Communion.)

1 I did.
2 I tried to erase ‘confess’ but my hand was blocked by God. I am against the confessions.
3 I couldn’t understand so I hesitated.
4 True for in Church I fully discerned Jesus at the Tabernacle chanting, with the others. He Himself gave Me Bread and Wine.
5 Exceptionally this time.