February 14, 1987

(After reading The Memorare of Saint Bernard (a small prayer to St. Mary).)

all the guidance is from God;

Vassula, can you hear Me? listen again Vassula, it is I, St Mary, do not fear Me; Vassula, I know your difficulties to realise that all this is really happening, but I ask from you to trust God; augment your faith;

He is working in you child; do not restrain yourself from submission, abandon yourself in His hands and do what He asks from you; I am near you helping you; have peace for He is guiding you;

Vassula, Jesus is forming you to become strong to be able to resist temptation; He feeds you, giving you all that you are lacking;

remember, daughter, Wisdom has brought you up; do realise why;

It is not just for me? All this, it’s meant for others, too?

yes, you are being formed to be God’s bearer;

I do not know how to be God’s bearer.

God has preached to you and has taught you to love Him; trust Him for His riches are innumerable and His Mercy unfathomable; He loves you with ineffable tenderness and watches over you with loving eyes; every heavenly word lives forever;

I have to learn to love You more.

I will teach you, have peace;

(Later on:)

Vassula, it is I, Jesus; I am giving you strength to meet Me;

progress with Me for I will institute My given words so that many can read them and profit from them; daughter, when My given guidance will be established, I shall prepare you to meet Me; I long to have you near Me;

Vassula, look at Me; 1 are you happy meeting Me in this way?

Yes, very, I don’t deserve this charism at all.

accept it; accept what I give, I give even to the most wretched souls; Vassula, have you heard that I give wisdom to mere children and not to the learned and clever;

Yes, I have, why is this?

because children are My weakness, they let Me form them;

I chose unworthy souls to form, ones who know little or next to nothing; I will supply you, Vassula, for I am wealthy; with Me you will lack nothing;

I love you, do you realise how happy you make Me every time we meet? I feel happy having you finally near Me; would not a father rejoice having found his lost child? you were lost and My heart was utterly torn with sorrow; you had wandered away leaving Me in despair; I went to look for you and found you; how then would I not rejoice having you near Me? Vassula, near Me you will learn; I will teach you all virtues to enable you to glorify Me; My child, learn to absorb the dew of righteousness; learn to glorify Me; learn from Wisdom; I love you; leave now in peace and call Me when you wish; let us pray together,

(We prayed.)

be now My companion and keep Me in your heart;

1 I looked in Jesus’ face. He looked straight at me.