February 16, 1987

(I started to realise that really I can’t live without God. I think He really attached me.)

I am Yahweh, child; it is I, turn to Me; I love you and because of this great love I have for you I hold you; do not fear, child; hear Me; because of My elate love I have for you, I bind you to Me; lean on Me, I want you to need Me Vassula;

Do you love us so much?

O daughter have you not felt My love? 1 My Love for you wants to consume you;

I feel glorified to feel how attached you are to Me; I for My part love you inexhaustibly and I will not part from you ever; but I have also made sure that neither will you; I made sure of our union; see? … I delight to have prevailed;

I desired us to be united forever; you needing Me, loving Me and bound forever to Me and I bound to you; leaving Me free to love you without restraint and reign over you;

I who created you and I who nursed you, I who consecrated you and I who was first to lay eyes on you; I who filled you with My Spirit willed it; for I, Vassula, am your God, Yahweh, who brought you up;

I made sure that the bonds I have attached you to Me are for eternity; you will be unable to detach yourself from Me for I am the Most High;

It’s frightening, even though I love you, Lord! Your Power and Wisdom are great!

Why Vassula, what have you to fear? Am I not Lord of Love?

I will care for you; I will soothe you if in pain; I will cover you with My blessings; I will provide what you lack; I am Infinite Wealth; you need not fear with Me, I am He who holds the earth’s foundations; leave Me free to do with you whatsoever I want; I am so happy having you near Me, you so frail and weak, for I know that your heart will let Me do as I please with you; fear not, for I am your Heavenly Father, and I love you beyond any human understanding;

I am Yahweh and if you have not heard afore, I am telling you now, that I am known to be Faithful and My word stands secure;

child, I have revived you from death to let My Word be written, I have brought you up to be My bearer;

Since you are to be My bearer, you have to be formed; you must learn how I feel, how I work and how My love enkindles hearts; how else would you be able to tell My beloved children?

come; feel My presence the way I have taught you; I love you little one; discern Me; I want you to be intimate with Me;

Vassula, tomorrow I will dictate to you a message teaching My children how to be with Me; go now and fulfil your other duties; go in peace;

(Jesus came later on:)

Vassula write; you are now united with Me, you will work with Me, you will suffer with Me, you will help Me, yes, I will share everything I have with you and for your part you will do the same;

being united is being forever together; because My bonds are eternal bonds, My elate love binds you forever to Me; My love enkindles even the hearts out of stone and puts them ablaze consuming them;

daughter, I have prevailed; you need not fear, I have won your heart, beloved, and I made sure that you will forever be Mine; O Vassula how I longed to thrust you in the depths of My Heart and let all the flames of My love utterly consume you, leaving you in total rapture for Me, your God;

Do You love me as much as that? To have done this?

have I not laid out My life for you? I laid out My life out of love, I sacrificed Myself for your salvation, out of love; I shed My Blood for you, out of love;

now I made sure that you are bound to Me;


why, have you forgotten that I am All Faithful; having you bound to Me I will be sure that you too will remain faithful to Me;

now that we are united we will continue working together; I will use your love for Me to heal many souls who are bound to be engulfed in Satan’s flames; you and I are going to help these souls; all you have to do is love Me fervently; there will be times where I will come to you entrusting you with My Cross;

But I am nothing!

Vassula, remain nothing and let Me be everything you lack; wherever I go you will follow; alone you will never ever be; you are now united to Me; 2 grow in spirit, Vassula; grow, for your task is to deliver all messages given by Me and My Father; Wisdom will instruct you;

Yes, Father.

how beautiful to hear you call Me Father! I longed to hear from your lips this word, Father; 3

1 Yes, of course I have. It is unbelievable.
2 While writing, I was wondering why He says I should remain nothing now and before He said I must hurry and change, growing stronger etc. He must have read my thoughts because He answered immediately. Next sentence.
3 I had made it a point while praying that night to avoid saying Father, but referred to Him instead as ‘God’, being careful to avoid the word ‘Father’. I don’t really know why, but maybe I thought I should put more formality in my prayers.