January 29, 1989

(I saw last night a symbolic dream:

I entered a Church full of people. Mass was still on. It was crowded and people were standing too. The air was full of incense.

The priest brought a box with him and we all knew that inside this box was the Dove. Alive. He was to free It, so that It may fly around us, giving us joy. The Dove was liberated, flying around us. We all stretched our hands so that It may come upon us, knowing that if it did, it would be a Grace. The Dove, which was of sky-blue colour, came towards me. I felt that I loved It and I knew too that It loved me. It rested on my arms, that were stretched towards It, and sat on the tips of my fingers.

There was around me an awesome joy. Some people were surprised, some also hoped It came to them too. But It flew around again not stopping, then once more It rested on my fingers. I took it in my hands carefully and pressed It lovingly on my left cheek near my ear, hearing the quick heartbeats It had. Its heart was throbbing.

– Then I found myself walking alone on a road, a path. On the side of this path, all along, unknown little animals were swallowing each other without mercy. On my way, coming towards me, to frighten me, was a rat holding still an animal in its mouth. I did not fear, and to show the rat that I was “master”, I hastened my step. It realised this and so went aside, by the path, attacking a squirrel from behind, and literally swallowed it. Then, about seven metres in front of me, blocking my way, and stretched from one side of the path to the other, was a snake. I thanked God for letting me see it, because it was transparent, like cellophane, so that people do not see it and step on it, and are bitten. I did not fear it since I made up my mind to go over it, avoiding it.

Suddenly, from behind me, on my right, another snake came, but it was different, because it was an ‘attacking’ snake. It was also transparent with only a small design on its back. That snake was as thin as my fingers but as long as three metres. I found myself trapped, but immediately I was levitated from the ground, by my Heavenly Father. I was levitated about three metres above ground. Still, I was afraid that this long snake might stand up and reach me, so My Heavenly Father floated me forward, passing above all these snakes and placed me on the ground near a friend.

Both of us were standing at the end of the path. There was a wall, a dead-end wall. I turned my head to my right because I heard something. I saw the first snake, looking for something. I told my friend, who had not seen the snake: “Don’t move, stay still.” I avoided saying there was a snake, lest out of fear, this friend would move. I saw the second snake come too, near the other one. Then the first snake, hungry, attacked the thin one with such ferocity, swallowing it up with an ugly noise. I felt relieved and in peace, knowing that that snake now was only interested in sleep and would thus leave us alone in peace.)

I will feed you before the very eyes of your persecutors, I will raise you to Me, lest they tread upon you; I it is, who will pour My Dew of Righteousness upon you and no man, will I leave to extirpate you, flower! you are guarded by Me, and in your own Abba’s arms you are hidden; have no fear, I am near; Love loves you;