February 5, 1989

Vassula, have My Peace; allow Me to clarify My Message; you are not to take any parts to the word; you simply cannot do these things I require of you;

to start with, even though I write, “you”, it is not really you yourself! how many times have I written “revive My Church, Vassula”? I will revive My Church with My Power; flower, I will be the One who will bless My children of Garabandal;

My flower, I mean to unite My Church; have I not also written, “unite My Church, Vassula”? now, do you really think that it will be you who will unite My Church? there again My Words are symbolic; now you know, so do not deceive yourselves any longer, I will do all the Work; My angels, I have given you many graces, use them, do not get muddled up! be in Peace; feed My lambs with My Divine Message and depend on My Guidance; I love you all;