January 27, 1989

I, the Lord, love you; I am the Principal of your life and let it always be that way, for I Am;

remain in My Light, gratify Me by bringing souls to Me; caress Me with your childish words; never cease praying, be always aware of My Presence; treat me now as a King, offer Me garlands of love, offer Me prayers like incense which reach Heaven, offer Me souls to redeem them, offer them to Me so that I thrust them in the Furnace of My Sacred Heart, I want to make out of each one, a Living Torch of Love’s Furnace; honour Me now and evangelise with love for Love;

come, praise Me;

Praised be the Lord
for having looked upon Wretchedness
and having lifted me.
Praised be the Lord
for rising me from the dead.
Glory be to God
for descending and bending all the way to us
to redeem us from evil.
Blessed be the Lord
for the compassion He has upon His children.

feed from Me; come, us, we?

Yes, my Lord.