December 17, 1988

(After our reunion.)

My Lord?

I am;

I was surprised to see so many come, there must have been 130 people!

Vassula, I have said before; full, you shall be many;

Lord, You must have noticed that there were some disputes, somehow because of the program?

how could I not notice all this! 1 Vassula, opposing forces there will be, but I will not allow anyone to tread on you; detach yourself and depend on Me; from now on, it is I who will organise and give you the program of My Meetings; it is I who will tell you what to say; the program will be given to you from above; I am Wisdom and from Wisdom you will receive It;

write: first you will sanctify the place you are to hold My Meeting, like you have done, by praying the prayer to St Michael;

open My Meeting by saying these words; “Peace be with you”; remember to tell My little flowers, that it is I, the Lord, who gives them My Peace and that these words come from My Mouth; then you will invoke all of you the Holy Spirit; you will all pray the prayer to St. Michael; your era needs this prayer desperately;

I will indicate always to you the passage to be read from the Holy Bible, just like I indicated to you in this past meeting to read Joel 3:1-5; in this way, too, I will show to you the passage to be read; My wish is that you read to them; then tell them why I chose this passage;

this is to be followed by you reading to them parts of My Peace and Love Message;

How would I know which part am I to read to them?

do not worry, am I not your Counsellor and Guide?

Yes, My Lord.

after reading to them you can ask them if they have any questions; it is a time for open conversation; I will inspire you, little one;

then, I would like you to read to them My Message concerning them;

please Me by offering them love, please Me by terminating with the Holy Rosary;

If anyone wants to talk to me, should I accept?

beloved, yes, talk to them;

Thank You, my Lord Jesus.

1 Jesus was not at all content. In fact, He was upset with certain people.