November 15, 1988

(Today I felt Jesus’ Cross on my shoulders. I felt His Heart filled with tremendous pain, how He suffers… for the world that rejects the Lord.)


I am; feel My Cross, rest Me, My child of Light; I am so weary, stay near Me; I need to be consoled in this desolation; My Vassula, hear Me and write;

O creation! My seed! I am your Holy One, but you are condemning Me; I have loved you from all Eternity, but you are despising Me; I have delivered you from Death, yet you are attacking Me; I am feeding you daily with My Bread and filling you with My Wine but in your evil you are offending Me; I thirst for Love, but you abandon Me in My thirst; I welcome you when I see you weary, to rest you in My Heart, yet when I am weary, you reject Me; I open My Heart to you, showing you how you have wounded It, but in your wickedness, you are repeating your stabs, piercing Me through and through; I open My Arms to welcome you, and embrace you, but you turn away, giving Me your backs; full of tenderness, I open My Sacred Heart to warm you, yet when I come to you, you shut your door in My Face, leaving Me outside in the cold;

like a beggar I call you all day long, stretching out My Hands to you, to raise you and heal you, but you, instead, ignore Me and reject Me; My Eyes and those of My Mother are worn out with suffering; My Body is afflicted by Its Wounds, beyond recognition; all I ask from you is Peace and Love, but you refuse to hear My pleas … I have come to My own first, but again, I was rejected by them, despised and persecuted; you hounded Me, treating Me as a jester, you betrayed Me1 … your betrayal has cost Me every tear left in My Eyes, your wickedness has pierced all Eternity, leaving even the demons gaping at your wickedness;

aahh Vassula … I have come, out of pity and great Mercy, to warn you and deliver you from Death; I have conveyed you to My own, but they muffled down My Voice, for fear of coming out to Light and exposing their guilt; since they muffle My Voice, and do not welcome My Spirit of Truth, I shall have their sins exposed by strangers; I shall have My Voice sound like a trumpet on the roofs of your houses… 2

I have been welcomed by strangers who never knew Me; I knocked at their door and they allowed Me to enter; in spite of their poverty, they let Me share their meal; they have, out of their poverty, not sought Me, yet, they have found Me; I have showed them My Wounds made by My best friends, and they knelt in front of My Wounds; on seeing Them, struck by Their depth, struck by the savagery inflicted on My Body, their hearts melted like wax; do not weep, My child;

…My Voice will be carried by strangers; when you hear the Echo, know that it came from Me; I will be exalted by strangers who never sought Me, I will be glorified by those who never knew Me; and I will become their Master and teach them, and their faults I will dispel; I will reason with them and they will understand Me; they will heal My Wounds;

I am The Shepherd, and I shall gather My lambs, since they were struck by their shepherds and dispersed; O Vassula, all this will be fulfilled, so soon now;

come, rest in Me; allow Me to rest in you; bonded in love, let us share;

Yes, My Lord.

we, us;

For eternity, amen.

1 Jesus’ Voice was full of bitterness.
2 Pause. Then sadly.