November 14, 1988

(Today I looked at Padre Pio’s picture, a great Saint according to Jesus’ words. Below his picture, in an enveloped cellophaned space, lies a piece of his clothes, dark-brown, for he was a Capuchin. By looking at him I know that I had received this picture with a small piece of his clothes because he wanted it. So I prayed to him, as he is a great Saint and asked him to improve me in what I have worst in me. Then, on second thoughts, since I’m probably loaded with evil things, I asked him to pick up at least two things from me. I suggested that he helps me efface entirely all my vanity and to strengthen my faith in the Lord.)


I am;

I have inspired you to ask Padre Pio to intercede for you; come, today you will write My Message without hearing Me; I will lead your hand alone:

(Now Jesus dulled my hearing.)

“repent often, bring to Me all your faults that I may forgive them; come to Me as you are and I will perfect you; Glorify Me, by loving Me, praise Me all the time; I am the Lord;”

(This was written as the Lord wished.)

My beloved, whom I sanctified, take My Hand and proceed with Me; I will instruct you with Wisdom;

(Suddenly, I felt the Lord’s presence vividly.)

Vassula, do you know how I delight in you when you believe fully? 1

(Jesus was so very happy! I too…)

discern Me, it pleases Me so much;
come; we, us?

Yes; we, us.

1 In the actual Presence of Our Lord.