November 10, 1988

glory be to God; 1

glory be to God; 2

(This was said after their prayers to Them.)

My God?

I am; I was eagerly awaiting this moment;

(Jesus and I were very anxious to meet in this way.)

hear Me, My Vassula; come and touch My Sacred Heart, feel Its Wounds; My Sacred Heart is afflicted by pain and wounded beyond recognition; souls do not hear Me … they fall by the hundreds into Satan’s nets …

(Later on:)

I will not fail you or desert you, little one; listen and write;

after The Great Tribulation My Church will undergo, you will see a great Sign in the sky, and all those who love Me will rejoice and praise Me; but all those who defiled My Holy Name will withdraw into deeper obscurity and fall into total unawareness;

My Sign will be a blessing for those who kept My Commandments, for they have kept My Word, honouring Me, glorifying Me; they were and are the golden pillars of My Church, the steady foundation and robust structure of Her Body; they are the purifying incense within Her; these souls, I, the Lord, will exalt, and place them in My New Jerusalem forever; their New Home will be given to them from above, for from above My New Name will be given to you again and they and I will be one; you, My people, with My New Name, you shall not be called godless, but I shall return to you My Name;

when My Day comes, I shall withdraw all evil and have it locked; I, the Lord of Love, will let this New Earth sprout with seeds of Love, I will open her up and even from the rocks I will let new springs flow out of them; I will indeed flourish My Garden; for your sake, I will allow My holy angels to descend on you to nourish you; I will allow My Saints to become your instructors, instructing you in My Holy Word, guiding you, as your friends; and Love will reign in every heart and Virtue will be worn as a crown for all My people of My New Earth; I have promised you long ago of this New Earth and I am keeping My Promise; It shall soon be fulfilled;

I will descend though before this to purify you; I will purify you as gold is purified in fire, all impurities will be consumed in this Fire; I will have to do all these things, to wash away all this impurity that covers this earth like a curse;

I am solemnly telling you that everything that came to pass and is to pass had already been announced to you, every word has been written in My Scroll, this Scroll that shall be opened, read, then consumed; I, the Lord, have purified My Scroll by My own Blood, so eat It; read Me …

pray, creation, that Wisdom may descend upon you to nourish you and enable you to unveil the truths and mysteries that lie still hidden in My Wisdom Books; pray for discernment; repent often and I will always forgive you;

daughter, have My Peace; I love you for allowing Me to use your little hand; I will end up My Message of today by saying: “let those who have ears hear;” come, I bless you; we, us?

For eternity, Lord. Praised be the Lord. Amen.

1 St. Michael.

2 St. Mary.