November 8, 1988

(Today I felt Jesus’ Cross. I felt Him sad and saw Him sad even in His picture.)

I am; My beloved, take My Cross and unburden Me, your Christ is so weary; I have allowed Myself to leave on your heart a few drops of My Blood to relieve Me; Satan is determined now to discourage you, but I will not allow him to touch you, what has been started by Me and blessed will be finished, glorifying Me;

today you shall write down My message with your own handwriting, 1 so that those who have not yet fully understood that I have filled you with My graces, may understand that I have also given you the grace of hearing My Voice; allow Me to dictate to you today, hear Me and write;

Vassula, the days are counted now; the days of your purification; those that have been praying to Me for the renewal of My Church, I have heard; I have heard all their prayers to Me; I promise you that I, the Lord, will renew My Church; I will wipe away the stains that stained Her by the impure living within Her and I will rebuild Her anew; yet, I dread to tell you, beloved ones, how much more She will have to suffer still before This Day; the Great Tribulations of Her Heart will start before I come to renew her entirely; this day must come to fulfil the Scriptures;

but I will console all those who love Me, in those days of sorrow; I will be ever so near your hearts, I will make you feel Me, I will send you a legion of angels and saints to console you all, so courage, beloved ones, courage! I am suffering now and you who love Me, feel Me; you feel My Wounds, you feel My Sacred Heart, loaded with sorrow; you feel My gaze upon you, creation; you, who lie in obscurity, My Eyes are filled with tears of Blood; yes, how else could I feel today, when I see the majority of you slipping away into Satan’s nets? but, let those who do not want to hear, continue their wickedness; I have been warning them several years now, I have been calling them for their repentance, but they pay no heed to any of My warnings; I am weary, ever so weary, with their blindness and their obstinacy;

rebellion has spread like fog, penetrating even in My House, dictating Peter what to do, Peter, who is their leader; yes, they do not listen to him and behind his back he is being cursed, cheated; they do not listen to him and they push him aside; oh he knows all this, but they are too many opposing him, too many betraying him; My House has become a House of Rebels; very few are left in there who acknowledge Me and honour Me;

I, the Lord, will descend in the day of Purification, along with all the Saints and My angels and purge all this evil away; from the North to the South, from the East to the West, My Fire shall descend! wait and you shall see …


you have done well child, by hearing only; this, Vassula, is also for those who think that your hand is pushed by Me without your hearing Me at all; some of them would not have believed that I, the Lord, am inspiring you; now we will continue the way I like it, My Vassula;

have My Peace, and be alert;

Please Lord, heal C… If you were solidly here with Me, and I would have driven You to her, and I would have taken You by Your Arm and shown her to You, Your Heart would not have resisted and You would have healed her.

My child, she does not believe you, she pushes instantly everything you are telling her; if she refused to open her heart for Me, how could I enter and console her?

Still, I know that even if she does not listen, You can heal her.

then pray for her, Vassula; I love her, so continue your prayers; I will remind you of My Holy Presence; I and you, in union of Love;

we, us;

Yes, Lord. We, us.

1 The remainder of this message was in Vassula’s own handwriting.