November 2, 1988

Vassula, have My Peace;

come, I am pleased that in spite of where I have you placed, you are trying to understand Me; beloved, relieve My pains by loving Me; show to your God your child-like faith; please Me in that way and depend on Me entirely;

I will, Lord. Who else will I turn to than my own Father? I have no one but You.

seed of Mine, delight Me always, be My joy; I am your Abba; seed of Mine, flourish, embellish and let your fruits feed many; My plans, I have designed long before you were born, for I Am The Authority; men tend to forget easily that My Church will be led always from above and not from below, they tend to forget that all power is given from above;

so I tell you that any earthly authority, any earthly kingdom that infiltrated into My Church, will not last; I will shatter it and throw it down into a heap of dust; you knew all this from before and yet you neither listened nor obeyed Me; you have barred Me out; but I will open all your doors and even your windows so that My Spirit would breathe freely in My Domain; nobody will have the power to obstruct the passages I will open; I will remind them once again that I am the Alpha and the Omega, I, the Holy of Holies, the Holy Trinity-all-in One, The Authority; I shall soon be with you; I will place all those who love Me into My Heart; My Heart will be their New Home;

I come from above and from above your New Home will descend; this will be My Gift and My own New Holy Name again will be once more given back to you My beloved ones; so come then and praise Me, come and extol Me, come and make your peace with Me and I will open My House to you and welcome you as My own; come to Me;

1 yes, but I am the Lord now who loves you; be blessed, My child; we, us?

Yes, Lord.

we, us;

Yes, Holy Mother.

1 Somehow just there, I remembered how Daniel, my guardian angel, in the beginning communicated with me; also in writing.