February 13, 1987

peace be with you; I am here, it is I, Jesus, who guides you; have no fear; unite in Me, Vassula; all I want from you is love;

I am worrying about the messages, I feel responsible. I don’t know how to work!

I am self-sufficient and I am able to help all My children without your help, but as a Spouse, I want to share everything; do not worry for I am Strength, beloved; lean on Me and let Me lead; remember that I it is who give you this force to meet Me;

I ask from you to love Me faithfully; love Me fervently; comfort Me when I ask for comfort for there are many among you who wound Me; such a multitude of sins are committed daily, grieving My soul, embittering Me, filling up My chalice with sorrows; how have they forgotten Me? Vassula, when a Spouse feels grieved where would He turn to for consolation but to His bride who loves Him;

I will console you if I can, but what to do, I who am, I know unworthy, probably hurting you unwillingly, insufficient and embarrassed (timid) to talk to You, filled with indignity!

I know that all what you said is true, but have I not chosen you, knowing all your weaknesses? I love you, Vassula, and all I want from you is a response to My love;

I love you a lot. You are constantly in my mind. I live for You. I love You, I cannot measure how much but you can, I can only ask You to teach me to love You more so that it becomes immeasurable.

beloved, pose your head on Me and let Me anoint you with purity to become one of My saturated flowers having absorbed Me; come, I will feed you, from My hand you will eat;

I will teach you to love Me more;