February 12, 1987

God Almighty, I do not want to fall in vanity or self-interest, I ask you to help me! I want to remain a nothing. I want to remain plain and give You all Glory!

Vassula, I am Yahweh; I love you;

all authority will come from Me, little one; I will always remind you of your littleness; I will let you understand how I work; find peace Vassula, I am soon with you;

(I felt relieved knowing that God will always remind me of my nothingness! I had an awful day, only doubts, that this is quite impossible, and that the whole thing is untrue, I felt that what is happening is not happening, yet I heard God calling me, it is like its absolutely real and yet nothing real, I suddenly felt as really the most wretched among men. What is really happening?)

Vassula, have you forgotten how you were a year ago; My beloved, let Me remind you; when I, Yahweh, was passing among the dead,1 I saw you there among the wicked; they were holding you, tormenting you; I saw you lying there, struggling on your own, your soul close to death; I felt full of pity for you; you remembered My works of old times and you realised then that I could be your refuge and so I heard your plea from earth;

daughter, I always loved you, but you had forgotten Me; I yearned to be loved by you, to hear you call Me Father; for how many years I have been outside your door waiting, waiting that one day you might hear Me … I was at hand’s reach; yes, I was so near you; then, My Heart could not resist your plea; I came full of joy; finally, you called Me; I lifted you to My breast, daughter, and I healed your wounds; I taught you how to love Me; I taught you how to receive Me by elevating you, and I let My Light shine upon you .. My flower, do not despair; I am teaching you step by step, with the vocabulary that you understand;2

you are asking Me why has part of My guidance been written before your formation; 3 I will answer your question after you reply to My question; do you know how valuable just one single soul is to Me?

I know it is valuable, but how much, that I do not know My God.

I will tell you then how valuable souls are to Me thus replying to your question; a soul for Me is as valuable as to have written part of My guidance just for that single soul who would have had no other opportunity before his departure; do you understand now?

Yes, I do, and I know whom You mean.

I love you daughter, have no doubt that this guidance is from Me; I will always remind you who awakened you from your slumber;

I love you, be always sure of My love; work in peace and do not forget Me;

1 The spiritual dead.

2 God emphasised this.

3 Editor’s note: Vassula asked this question on January 30, 1987.