February 11, 1987

Vassula, it is I, Jesus Christ; daughter your sufferings will be Mine and My sufferings will be yours; you will share all what I have, yes, even My sufferings; I will be near you, consoling you when you need Me, but I want to be consoled in return when I am suffering;

Jesus, You do not really need anybody, especially me!

no, I do not need anybody, I suffice by Myself; but do I not share everything I have with you? I am your Saviour, your Healer, your Father, 1 your Spouse; I am your God who will never ever abandon you;

(In the evening while in the hall downstairs and about to climb the stairs with my hands full of glasses I very clearly discerned a huge dark cross on the upper level of the staircase. Huge it was. Jesus hanged on it, moaning, with agony, covered in bruises and blood. I had to go by it. I didn’t know what to do. While passing it I heard Jesus call saying: “oh help Me, Vassula, come near Me;” I ran quickly up, left those glasses on the table and ran and took my scrapbook and Jesus wrote: “My agony is great, My sufferings are many, will you not help Me, I who died for you? I am nailed on My Cross and I cannot come to you, so come, I want you nearer; Vassula, how I love you all, heal My children, call them, have them love Me; be blessed, be near Me, I love you”. While He wrote this down He made me feel all alarmed and I had not realised that in a few seconds I was covered with sweat.)

Vassula, I, Jesus, suffer and you discerned fully My Cross and I on it;

I want you to feel My agony, suffer with Me daughter; live in Me and I will let you feel My pierced Heart, wounded by the lance and wounded by so many beloved souls; I love you, would you deny Me? I who suffered and died for you, will your heart have the courage to resist Me? I have suffered for love; I have called you out of love; I blessed you; I fed you; so now since I chose you, I will expect you to console Me, to love Me ardently; I will expect you to respond to Me;

Vassula, have no fear; abandon yourself fully to Me; yes, surrender completely, abandoning yourself entirely to Me and leave Me free to do with you whatsoever I want to;

I have already agreed to work for You, Lord. So now You can do what You please with me, Lord.

yes, surrender; I love you, it pleases Me to hear you surrendering; never ever refuse Me for My love for you is unlimited;

I will continue My teachings in giving you a secret; Vassula take your scrap book; fear not for My teachings come from Wisdom, all mysteries have not yet been revealed; all works are given to those who know how to love Me;

(I will take my scrap-book now … Jesus gave me the secret. Then He said: “I will reveal many more hidden works to you.” That was the third secret.)

every day that goes by, you come closer to Me;

what does this mean?

it means that I will soon be with you;

(Death does not scare me at all!)

1 Read Is. 9:5-6.